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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smokiedabear33, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. This is a nirvana auto bubblisicious which didn't flower with the other autos. So I put it in its own 5 gallon dwc and lstd it. Its about 2 and a half foot tall. I have a 1000w hps and I'm planning one more week of veg from this pic till I flower. What kind of yield do you think I can expect? Thanks. Also, using GH flora series and koolbloom

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  2. Hard to tell from the picture but they don't look overly healthy, it's either really over/under watered or you've got some deficiency going on :s sorry man. That's all I can really give you with that picture.
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    Bro you asked Lol

    That looks like shit did you fill up the bucket with water nah I'm playin looks thirsty so I'm guessing she's 2 months old and you have about 6 main good tops with some that will come later sorry just think typing QP looking at the gear in the pic and assuming you know what your doing 3-4 oz


    That's a 1 month old plant in soil

    It's really impossible to say though

    Why so droopy what's you ppm and PH

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  4. Thanks for the replies. In the pic it was just transplanted and I had been working on it all day. So it was pretty stressed out. You think around 4 oz?
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    How old is she

    I just had a plant that had 2 months veg pull down 4.5 oz

    I have threads on all of this lol

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  6. Yea easily 2 months. Probably more like 2 and a half or 3. But she has really mature node spacing. And 4 or 5 branches that run right next to the main stem
  7. Oh nice if you flower under that 1000 like I did you should get around that but still bro it's impossible to say you could have PH problems later or a deficiency and stunt your development you get what I'm saying to much to factor over to great a period of time

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