Tell me what you think! My First indoor grow & also 100% Organic!

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  1. Let me know what you think.

    Here's my first indoor grow AND 100% Organic!!

    400watt MH/HPS digital ballast
    w/heavy duty timer

    3.5 Gallon containers

    Roots Organic grow medium by Aurora

    Iguana Juice Grow & Bloom by Advanced Nutrients

    20” carbon filter w/exhaust fan


    Heater (if needed)

    A/C (if needed)

    Oscalating fans

    Tempature/Humidity guage

    PH tester

    PH Pro Up/Down

    Well Water (water is PH 7.2 from well)

    Room Conditions:

    Room size 7'X12'X8' high
    Contains Water heater & laundry sink. (My old laundry room)

    Temp 77-78 day … 72-73 night

    Humidity 45%


    Strain unknown
    Started with 6, three turned out to be males.

    Vegged 42 days Lights, 18/6

    Switched to Flower 12/12 April 27

    So here's what we got so far.

    Pix are from this morning.
    (Veg is from a couple weeks ago)

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  2. Ladies are looking lovely, best of luck on the rest of the grow.
  3. Much better than most first attempts I see.

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