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    Hey GC, i don't post in general too often but I thought this photo was too good not to share. The more I looked at it, the more i began to laugh :D I'm not against any religion specifically priests, but the layout of this photo is too glorious.

    I'm sure there could be some clever captions.

    Also i am sorry for anyone i may offend or anyone who does not find this funny.



    Thanks to smokeyhaze for the caption.

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  2. Maybe I'm slow today, but I don't get it... :confused_2:
  3. OMG that's the funniest thing I've ever seen!
  4. haha idk i laughed at it
  5. I can't stop laughing *wipes a tear from his eye*
    Oh God my sides hurt :D
  6. i think you discovered the next internet meme

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  7. priests face is pretty funny i guess....:confused_2:

    im sober that could be the problem...
  8. I didnt laugh until smokeyhaze posted. Nice job +rep
  9. hahah, that's awesome. never seen someone that happy to be around a bunch of young boys before.
  10. Looks hilarious!

  11. lol...

    i didn't get it at first....
  12. I'm glad some of you thought it was humorous. I was extremely high and drunk at the time so I fell victim to the photo.

    Not a bad caption you have there smokey.
  13. Lol, damn thats funnnyy, also creepy at the same time..very creepy
  14. nothing funny until that

    you win for making the sober guy chuckle:hello:
  15. That's pretty funny. Smokeyhazes caption is perfect

  16. my apologies for the disappointment!!!! ;)
  17. anyone else see the priests boner in this pic?

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