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  1. Alright, I started flowering light schedule about 2 weeks, almost 2.5 weeks ago.

    Tell me what you think? Should it be smelling by now? I have combined 640 watts from alot of angles hahahah its EXTREMELY ghetto but I'm sure you guys have seen worse...Had a bit of nutrient burn in the beginning but since then I ceased nutes and just do plain ol' water.

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  2. Ha! Pretty interesting place to grow LOL OK, so you asked for thoughts & about smell....

    First off the smell really depends on the strain, some stink to high hell and some have no smell. Generally speaking though, about 1/2 way through flowering is when they really can become a problem so you have a few weeks :)

    Your plant looks really good man, is there room to handle the stretch on the way? Hope you get some decent bud man, looks like you're off to a good start :smoking:
  3. See the good thing is, I can always dig to accomodate up to 6' growth (i'm pretty sure thats when the sand ends) So I'll be digging soon, it was the only place that I could think of. Right now its not smelling that much at all and there is really adequate air circulation surprising as it may seem!
  4. I have lots of leaves that are dead and falling off, they are mostly dark green i believe they are the "fan leaves" is this normal? I mean i'm probably losing 20 a week or so... Everytime I look theres more dead leaves. Here's some bud pictures, i've been steady flowering for 2 or 3 weeks and it looks like week 1 flowering from other peoples grows. Granted I'm only using CFLs so I know that plays a part, but my strain is Purple Nurple (supposedly) and its supposed to flower in 55-60 days, however it just seems really really weak so far. Tell me what you think, I listen to EVERYBODY (of course with sources or rep..)

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  5. leaves shouldnt be falling of at 2.5 weeks of flower.they might start falling around 6 or 7 weeks.sounds like they might need flowering nutes.they want low nitrogen and high P and K in said your not feeding them at all right?

    what color are the leaves falling off yellow??

    def a cool spot to grow..hows the ventalation though?
  6. thanks man, i thought up that growing place while i was smoking..... no seriously i have a list of great inventions i've thought of while thread methinks....

    uhhh yeah no nutes, they're not yellow they're shrively brown or just brown tipped...i have some 15-30-15 i could be giving it...and some allpurpose feed which i believe is 10-10-10- think i should give it some of that?
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    You're flowering a big plant. It will soon be a phosphorus monster.

    Be ready for that. A little nute burn at the tips is not a big deal, however deficiencies will make all your leaves turn brown and dry up as the plant sucks the life out of them to survive.

    You also need to thin out the bottom and center of your plant. You have to many sucker branches. Pull off some of those lower bud sites. Check out lollipopping. Areas that can't get light, need thinned. This promotes larger but sights closer to the lights where it should be.

    Leave as many fan leaves as reasonable, pull off some lower secondaries.

    Make sure you always balance your water and nutrient solution.

    I like tiger bloom, but sometimes it needs a little potassium for my strains.
  9. You can also hit a branch limit. If you top to much you'll decrease yield. I don't recommend hacking your plant up at this point, but in the future, try to keep your branch limit to 8
  10. Howdy HH! Your plant looks pretty good but rough times are ahead - the yellowing & leaf issues are most likely P deficiency, with N to follow shortly. You really need to get some more light in there for her to be healthy, note the clawing and drooping - that's a result of the plant unable to photosynthesize correctly (and one reason nute update may be low). She needs some food, but she needs light more IMO.

    More CFL's are good - mostly 2700k for now but 6500k mixed in will help. The sides of the CFLs are much more effective that the top (light intensity). Home Depot has some 67w 2700k for about $15 - HIGHLY suggest some of those. Some clamp fans will help with temps and air flow (important).

    Personally I wouldn't cut any leaves unless they are dead or dying, they are your plant workers. Lots of opinions on this so decide what's best for you. I only cut leaves for air flow in my closet during flowering and cut off the ones dying naturally (or unnaturally LOL).

    Hope this helps some, just my $.02 since you asked :) I think this is a nice plant, and it will take some work & good supplies to keep her happy though. Good luck man!
  11. thanks i really appreciate the advice guys! I checked it today, the buds are sure developing slowly almost at 3 weeks now, this coming wednesday. Yes, in about 5 days then its around 28 days of flowering. I really will get some more lights and maybe another fan, to increase circulation, but it really doesn't smell! It only does when I move it around, you can notice it starts to smell a little and sticks to my clothes! Wow trimming is going to be interesting...I do have 15-30-15 that I will continue to feed it, it just takes a long time for it to become absorbed since Its only about a steady 70* and I need more light and more heat!

    To be honest, I'm not wanting fat buds or huge yields, I just want to see this girl do her thing and maybe even try to crop her again starting towards the end of summer.
  12. Week 4 Pictures came in, I'll put a huge comparison collage at the end of this project. I only take pictures every 4 or 5 days but its pretty cool to see so far. There's one 10 day comparison of a random bud which has become my favorite looking. What do you guys think?

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  13. thats a big girl.... you need to feed her so she can get fat. ur right tho....does look like some slow bud formation. makes it hard to speculate tho if ur not completely sure of the genetics.

    i know its nice to not worry about air circulation/ventilation with ur current set up but you should consider boxing off the area with walls so you can reflect that wasted light back onto the plant. or maybe some DIY reflectors. anything u can think of to get more out of ur current lights cuz right now i feel like ur wasting many many lumens
  14. i did one full molasses feed today (exactly halfway through) 1tbsp in 1 gallon, until it was coming out of the bottom...I'm going to feed it probably this friday with 1/2 nutrients 1/2 molasses then alternate this pattern until one week left and feed it only molasses. Hopefully it won't taste too bad, and think about it, any homegrown bud will taste good in my eyes :D unless its like fish-strain. but its not hahahha.
  15. I hope my grow goes as well as yours.
  16. If you been growing them since '04 then hell yeah they should be smelling!!!:D
  17. This strain is SUPPOSED to be 55-60 days, mostly indica according to the reports

    This is day 35.

    I'm not going to grow, this is just my first and last, just kinda a "scratch it off the to-do die list"

    What do you think, i have about a dozen of these small guys, enough air, enough nutes, even giving them molasses. Just not enough light, not risking any more light as it is.

    What do you think?

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  18. I like um. :)
  19. Brown!
    Oh no!

    Ghetto reflectors and molasses have made a HUGE difference In my opinion!

    I LOVE taking pictures!!:p

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  20. show some love huh?


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