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  1. Not sure if the picture attached, but, this is day 30 on my closet grow.
    600W MH
    6x6 Room
    All from seed: Criticle Jack, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Purpe Paraylisis, and AK48.
    Using Fox Farm GB, Cal Mag, and used B1 the first 2 weeks.

    I will keep everyone posted, but please, feel free to help me along.

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  2. Forgot to add that there is an Auto in the Mix also, Amphetamine from COTC.
  3. Looks great! How old are they? and how far is the light from the tops?
  4. Light is about 14" from the top, I am actually on day 41 in Veg, I am going to let them go for another 10-15 days before I switch to a 12-12. I will post a more recent pictures soon. I have already swithched the bulbs from MH to HPS and added 400 watts to get full coverage. This is my first Indoor Grow, I have been growing outdoors for years. I find it quite amazing how much their needs change from Outdoors to Indoors, its like I am starting all over again.
    The picture above is Day 30, I am counting the days from when the seed first showed itself. I must say that I am a proud Daddy, but, the stress is killing me.
  5. Treat them right, and they will do the same for you! Can't wait for new pics, sounds like you have everything dialed in
  6. Ok, sorry for the delay, below are some updated pics, one is the Auto amphetamine, another is the Critical Jack, regular Jack, and the entire grow. I am on day 3 of 12-12, I put them in the dark for 48 hours after I flushed each one with 15 gal of water, the last 3 gallons had FF Grow Big, and FF Tiger Bloom, along with Cal Mag. Water was phed to 5.5.

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  7. Forgot to tell you that my Chickens started laying eggs, I AM FIRED UP OVER THIS.
  8. Hope you have some more vertical space! They will stretch for 1-2 weeks
  9. I have about 3' left, I am a bit nervous about that. I think with some additional training I will be ok. I let them go for about 50 days in veg, the Blue Dream, Purp Parayl are my worries, the ak, and the jacks are very manageable.
  10. Training sounds like a good idea. Try to get all training done in the first week or two of flower so you don't stunt flower development
  11. Say a 600 mh? Is it a conversion bulb? What brand you use?
  12. Its not a conversion bulb, I am sorry if that is what I insinuated.
  13. Looks really nice good sir =]

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