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  1. Hello Grass Smokers!
    I have not posted any threads in awhile, due to the oldness of my phone, i now have a new phones that takes HD pics!

    Here's my story:
    I started growing afgahn kush (reg), using schultz moisture soil, and 2 ferts.
    My plant died due to mag def.
    I then started to grow again! This time using organic potting soil, and no ferts!
    Type: Purple Maroc (Fem)
    even though its an outdoor strain, i still grew inside.
    HERE ARE SOME CURRENT PICS (Started flowering on the 12th of september.

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  2. Bump, any input?
  3. looking good bud....

  4. Is it 100% female?
  5. hey nice plants! CFLS are a good way to start growing, I Still have and use my hand made CFL hood, it hold up to 500+ watts of CFLs bulbs. Clamp lamps work great also.

    keep it up!

    + Rep for posting!
  6. Nice plants , i grew purple maroc in my last grow inside and it grew nice and medium size , loved the smoke buds turn like amber towards the end , and it stated not for indoor lol. We should ask them whyyy????

  7. Was your harvest long?
  8. looks very nice.
  9. Nice job!

  10. How many watts are you using?
  11. Hey sorry i took gor ever to answer and no it was 8 weeks i liked it a lot , nice smoke and dense buds ,will def grow it again ,very hardy plant

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