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  1. So My Girlfriend wants to get me a nice glass set up for christmass and i don't want her to spend much money. I was thinking this is a pretty good setup for the money. IF anyone wants to recommend some addons or a change or anything feel free. Im just looking for a solid set up.

    Black Leaf Precooler - "The Twin Cooler" - English -
    Black Leaf Inline Bong 18.8 - "The Nautilus" - Sale Items - Specials - English -

    i want a diffrent precooler but there all out of stock right now.
  2. I reckon this bong looks pretty good a lot of people using it on youtube. I bought this, with a single ashcatcher.
  3. If I was you i would look for something a bit thicker than 5mm.
  4. the ashcatcher is nice. not a bad choice for new glass
  5. Looks pretty nice man that nautilus is a good buy

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