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Tell me what you think about this bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SpideyZack, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. I was wondering if you guys could tell me if what I got yesterday was good. I live in Chicago. Yesterday I got a quarter of an ounce and my guy said it was Orchard OG. That it was from Colorado and it was naturally cured and hooked me up. I got it for 100. So I scaled it and turns out he gave me 7.5 so that was good. He said it wouldn't smell as potent but it's fire and he was right, it kind of smells like nature. Like a field of apples. And anyways, I grinded it and it gave me a lot of kief and stuff. Haven't smoked it yet though I want your view on it. And sorry I'm really really baked ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392652174.818660.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392652204.672268.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392652216.406524.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392652229.805554.jpg

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  2. Idk how much its supposed to cost around you but I'd be really pissed if I paid 100 for that.... there's some fat ass stems in there, i normally pay 45-50 for a 1/4, but idk if I would buy that if one of my guys handed it to me.

    Although other then the stems it looks Ok, smoke it and find out, its the only way to really know

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    My bad I missed the part where you said Chicago, that's probably the right price for a 1/4 over there. Probably what would be high quality for over there too. Not sure.

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  4. That first pic looks a little shwaggy. The other two are a little better, maybe a 5. Smoke it and tell us how it smokes, sometimes bud can really surprise you!  :smoking:
  5. Looks like some good mids
  6. That seems to be about right depending on how in you are with your dude.
  7. I live in the suburbs. Your stuff looks decent for the price, if not somewhat stemmy.
  8. 100 bucks for that?!?!
    Thank God I don't live in Chicago yet alone the Mid-West.
  9. I smoked it. I'm pretty pretty baked. It's probably just the kind that surprised you.

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  10. WOOOOOW BRAH...... sorry to tell you but you were ripped the fuck off. That right there i would pay 20-25$ for that amount of that quality. its some reggy mate
  11. Helllll nah, that's either some mids, beasters or really poorly grown outdoor. Lol sorry dude, delete that guys # outve your phone
  12. id pay probably 20$ an eigth for that. That looks like some bricked up beaster yo
  13. Looks like poorly trimmed, compressed, outdoor stuff. Even if the potency was decent i wouldnt pay more than $50/quarter even in a non legal state. Here in CO i wouldnt pay more than $75/oz.
  14. Lol 75$ an Oz?! How Is that even possible? I've seen Colorado Dispensaries selling Oz's for as low as 180$ for member customers. 75$ just seems ridiculously low unless your getting it from a good friend or something. Everyone is looking to make a profit.

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  15. It smells great
  16. Yeah that definitely looks like some compressed beaters. I'd be willing to pay 40 tops but at 100 you got ripped off dude. 
  17. Looks like mids to me. I never get mids or anything worse. And I get 100 a quarter for some of the best quality. For that quality you have there I would pay no more than 50.
  18. Ive seen them as low as $125/oz specials for better looking smoke. From caregivers $100 to $150 ounces arent unheard of at all, and once again you can get much better looking smoke. As far as profit i can grow indoor for less than $30/oz and outdoor next to nothing so there is still plenty of room for profit. Maybe it would be worth more to you, but thats all I would pay.
  19. Im not saying its not way more worth it to grow, i know this lol. I was only trying to say that it would be dumb for a business who's only goal is to make a profit, to sell an ounce to everyone for that much under normal street prices. For you to be getting it for 125 you had to of made some friends and for 75 you gatta know the grower.

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    Yea, i joined a super secret society called craigslist. Its very exclusive but once you get in your really someone special.

    Pre Weigh Ounces:

    $114 - El Diablo xWhite Fire, Chemdawg, La Con xOG Kush xBlue, El Diablo x Grape Stomper

    $119 - Purple Diesel, El Diablo xChem 4, CBD

    $124 - Colorado OG

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