Tell me what you love about cannabis

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  1. I love everything about cannabis!!!! The name itself is beautiful, The way she looks, the way she smells and feels sticky when you break her up with your fingers. I love How her smoke twirls around my tongue, how she can make my body go numb and my mind race at the same time. the way her smoke dances in the light or fogs my dark room at night. She makes everything better!! I'm sorry for the random expression but Im really in love and really high
    :D lol

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  2. I want some of your shit hahaha.
  3. I love mostly everything about cannabis, but mostly the smell and taste. Eating it, not so much.
  4. There. I fixed it for you.
  5. I love that I can stop smoking it if I need to, I just like it a lot.  I love that I never get hung over, never get a headache or feel sick from it ever.  I love that it makes me feel amazing and comfortable and relaxed.  I love the taste, especially from a vaporizer.  I love that it would be free if the government would let us grow the damn plant.  :bongin: :smoking: :smoke: :yummy: :yay: :yay: :ey:
  6. I love maryjane because she makes me laugh, I love her because she makes me smile. I love her because she's always around when I need her the most. I love maryjane and maryjane loves me. She has never called me bad names,she has never lied to me, in 20 years she never hurt me. Maryjane has a place in my heart for the rest of my life.
  7. hahaha

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  8. Lmao

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  9. I love the smell! it's the best smell in the world
  10. What makes you think he's a she? >:|

    I love the skunky smell, especially when someone compliments it, or when they tell me it's good stuff. Oh, and the way it makes me laugh and makes me forget the conversation while having it! :D

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  11. I like the variety of strains and grades. If I want to smoke joints all day I can puff on some reggie and still get super blazed. If I want to relax and melt into my chair, ill smoke a high grade indica. Love it!
  12. Dude I'm so fucking high right now. Let me tell you that I love everything about cannabis

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  13. Well when I was young I just liked getting stupid.  Then it became a habit and now I just like it.
  14. I love everything about it except what it does to the eyes. Eat an edible, forget about it!

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  15. the smell! I love that fresh piney,pinesol, mr. clean smell from OGs. 
  16. I like the way it looks, the smell in a lot of the strains, love the smoke you get to blow out when you're smoking it (or vaping). Intoxication without the heavy feeling like alcohol has, and I fucking love not being depressed and in pain. 
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    When I'm blazed, I can either be super creative, listening to music and/or writing, or be super into social or science documentaries. So it really helps me to get into things that stimulate both sides of my brain. I just love how it allows me to calm my mind and be able to focus, which I usually can't do.
  18. The short time I get to spend in the Really Free World with fellow tokers.

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