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Discussion in 'General' started by glassy, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. ....any ladies out there tell me what you like to hear a guy say when approaching you..musicfest isnt that far away and im hoping to meet someone this not desperate just interested in finding someone i can have a more serious relationship with.
    Also id like pointers on how women like to be approached, im not the kind of guy that just sits on a curb yelling vulgar remarks at any young half naked women.. im talking about respectfully approaching someone. please any info is much appreciated
  2. Girls love money.... and chocolates...something about those two items... it gets them all the time no matter what...
  3. find a girl you like. light up a joint and walk over and offer it after hitting it.

    no conversation starter like a joint.
  4. hey , I'm (insert name) - (insert complement)
  5. i dont think lighting up a joint in the middle of a crowd of people mixed with cops and shit is a good idea .. maybe in amsterdam but that doesnt really work in my city
  6. yes meehai you have the right idea but im asking like..what to complement her on?..also for emagnim13 what if she doesnt like weed ,or w/e a beer w/e then your just standing there like an idiot i mean what do i do then?
  7. she's a complete stranger. find another one.

    and it's a festival. it's really easy to smoke at festivals.
  8. Just be confident Smile alot laugh when your having a conversation and try not to focus to much on your self unless she asks dont necessarily focus to much on her either though just try to spark a conversation and work at it from there GL:bongin:
  9. yeh smile a lot, complement her on something not that obvious, ie. not the eyes/body part, maybe her freckles, skin, way her nose crinkles when she smiles, some shit

    talk about her, not yourself, be interested, be confident, dont come on too strong
  10. not all of us are gold digging bitches ya know...dispite what u may have heard ;)

    I suggest a little bit of eye contact first..then walk up..say hi..and ask her whats up... if your at a musicfest it will be really easy to start a convo..just talk about the bands playing and if theyre good or not and all that sort of stuff.. Just be confident :) thats the main thing i suppose..just try not to look awkward and shy and I'm sure it will go great..
  11. i am pretty sure your ass would go for the chocolates tootsie ;)

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