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  1. i just bought a auction identicle to this on ebay.

    I bought the one that has 6 spots to plant in it.

    Im going to do my first hydroponics with it.

    im one of those rich 24 year olds that has money to blow so i wanna spend at least a goot hundred bucs on some lights for this system. Any Recomendations?

    i also need recomendations on what type of bud i should grow. I was thinking NL.

    Anyway, pls tell me if yall think that system was worth a shit or not. Also one more thing. If anyone knows any tutorials on Hydroponic growing i would love to get my hands on it. I guess i sprout the seed and set is pot to where it touches water? i dunno but thats beside the point. Any tut's yall got would be awesome.

  2. I dont know if its good or not but for that price I would buy it.
  3. thats like what i did...
  4. go to discount econolights with good reflectors for cheap..,
  5. cool light in that ecolight place. I bought one. Now about the type of bud that will grow easiest in hydroponics. An possibly a tutorial on growing it in a hydroponic system. And possibly things to look for in the plants as they grow.

    I hate being a pest with a thousand questions i just want to get this right.

    Last question for this post is, anyone know the best place to buy nutrients and things the plant will need?
  6. ooo that looks nice. I might have to buy that :p
  7. i'll tell yall the quallity of it when i get it in the next few days.

    They send it UPS so it wont be too long.
  8. Haven't tried hydro yet, but that setup includes everything and is ready to go and great price. I'm definitely going to consider checking it out. Let me know what you think of it when it comes in.
  9. could the plants stay in that container for their whole lifespans, or would they need to be transplanted to larger pots? Cool find.
  10. you can find that cool econo light, nutes, hydro setups (although it'd make one w/ a bucket, netpot, hydrotron, and air pumps) all at inside sun, as i did :smoke:

    oh, and GH nutes are your ticket, micro gro and bloom to be exact :smoke: im stoked to see peeps interested in hydro, its soo easy but i think people are intimidated initially. dont forget your digital pH/ppm meter! :smoke: peace

    you can have many plants in the same container up to a month it'd say.... its REALLY important that their roots dont get entangled.

    note that AIR is KEY to hydro... your plant will drown with out a lot of oxygen in the water. i have 4 pumps, but i only NEED 2. also, put them at the btm of your bucket to get the max effect.... i mention this because your roots wont grow as long if you have great oxygen flow - think of how a plant stretches for light, the root will go in search of oxygen, speaking from experience, my rootball is HUGE!!! and is swallowing my airstones... humm...
  11. sweet red thanks for the info. So you said i should flush the water every month? and then refill? Also do you know where i can get good PH Gear like the tester and the sollutions that raise and lower the PH level?

    Also another questions 6.8 is a good PH level? Or like 6.0 to 7.0 or somthing?

    I just got a e-mail from the people saying thank you for the purchase and UPS e-mailed me saying that the package was recieved and i should be getting it soon.

    thanks agian.
  12. hey man,

    the plants can veg in that tub for a month until they'll be ready to flower, but you'll probably need to mess with the water semi frequently. theoritically once a week is the schedule'd time unless they need adjustment, but remember there are many parts to our soup, and the plant drinks each at different rates. so a fresh solution is recognmended every week. and its good to do a weekly change to prevent nasties from developing, too.

    usually i let her pH drift say from 5.6-6.0 over a few days and then make a new soup set at 5.6 and a lil above your desired ppm, so it raises your remaining soup... but when they're sprouts they dont need any ppm or pH adjustment. and it wont be until they're just about done with veg that they'll drink noticibly and really make you keep a close watch and refilling with new soups.

    5.8 is your perfect pH (rather 5.6-5.8 for veg, closer to 5.8-6.0 for flower)
    i dont wanna double/tripple+ post the pH hydro chart, but its def around, check out a simple search

    again, let me direct your to inside sun for your ... etc.

    re-reading my post, i wanna recognmend going by the GH nute chart for your weekly soup make up of G-M-B , and keeping with that formula for the entire week reguardless of if your plant is dropping the ppm up to 50 a day. this is opposed to trying to find an equilibrium, but in the process always messing with your ppm/pH. i think its real important to remember that mj is one of the heartiest plants, and that a lil drift will help then see more of a spectrum and be a stronger plant overall

    you CAN leave them all in that tub through flower IF they're clones of the same plant with the same needs, but you run the risk of their roots getting too entangled and f'ing things up. i wouldn't recognmend it, unless of the 6 only 2 made it, i think you could get away with it. but dont let light in the holes!
  13. preciate the info reds dreads.

    Where in the pot do i put the seed after i pull it out of the paper towel? how high of a level should i make the water?

    I am supose to recieve the package today around 4pm said UPS. SO i'll take pics of it and tel you all how it is and if it was all lagit.

    if it is i would suggest it to everyone. Cheap 60 bucks and you got a hydroponic setup.

    Anyone have a tutorial for hydro?
  14. hey holtz,

    you can put seed or sprout in rockwool thats been soaking in un-pHed water. dont squeeze the rockwool! it breaks i down and severly reduces its ability to retain water. put the rockwool cube under 1-2" of hydrotron. keep the rockwool moist, but if its always soaked the sprout will rot/turn to mush.

    after a week or so the roots will be poking outta the netpots, reaching for the water. keep the water a few inches under the bottom of the netpots, keeping things moist until she reaches the water. go for a high humidity during sprouting and vegging, but during flower you dont want humidity cause it'll cause mold in your buds :( keep the heat in the 80s, and move your light closer if you notice them stretching, and dont forget to add air pumps!

    the young plant is find with normal h20 until the initial lil droopy and round leaves start to brown. see if i cant dig up a pic of that...

    i dont think your using GH nutes, so i cant be positive... but it'd go for a ppm of 400ish during veg, up to 600-750 in later veg, and then bump it up during flower - by then you'll know whats up.

    if ppm goes down, she drank more nutes than water and you can add nutes, raising the ppm.

    if ppm goes up, she drank more water than nutes and she may get a lil nute burn depending on how bad it is. a watchful eye will keep things from getting too far outta hand. ease back on the nutes, add water to balance her out. the 400, 600, etc. is just a guide to approx the needs of your plant during the stage, but each plant will be a lil diff :) well good luck man, lookin forward to pics and maybe a grow journal in the future... :smoke: peace

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