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    ok so i have grown indoors and out. soil and hydro. know a good about about growing but am starting a new endeavor and wanted to get some opinions from some of the more experienced indoor and scrog growers. Got a mylar grow tent, 36x36x78.5. Gonna grow a mamma the proceed to clone 6 plants from her. Im using CFLs but they are not too bad, hoping the mylar tent will help me get the best out of them. Also im going to scrog them at about 10-12 inches from the medium. Im new to scrog method but have done considerable research. My mamma is gonna be soil in 5 gal. bucket with potting soil and some worm casting and azomite as a fertilizer. Gonna do the clones/scrog in my 6 plant hydro 'bubbleponics' setup from The strain im going with is Critical Jack Herer and they are feminized. Like i said 1 mamma, 6 clones. What do yall think? Will i have height/space issues? Do u think they will be trainable in such a small space? Any opinions would be great, especially if u have grown Critical Jack or have used scrog for a strechy sativa in a similar sized setup....Thanks yall, i have been tokin for 13 years and growing for a bit less....but this forum seems to be brimming with bright ideas so any input would be awesome....:)
  2. one has any feedback at all for me here? Im pretty sure i will be all set in my endeavor but....anyone who has grown crit jack got any suggestions? Or strain-specifics they want to share? I am aware of its genectic heritage, just never grown it before. My CFL setup should be about 13000ish lumens when im up to flowering...think I should get more? 2 red spec 2 blue spec.
  3. IMHO I think your definitely gonna have space issues and your gonna wanna double your amount of light and consider a 250w hps at least. Take your clones and save them for another harvest you don't want that tent crowded up. One plant growing spaced out and receiving optimal light and air circulation will yield more then 6 plants crowded together in a small area.:smoke:
  4. I second this. From experience more plants don't yield as much as fewer plants with ample space.
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    ah ha...thx guys. gonna do some thinking on space and light and finances....TY
  6. Check out ebay for cheap hps lights you could at least buy cheap light socket adaptors that allow you to run more than 1 cfl in each lamp(4-6 preferably).
  7. Did some math. sharpened some pencils. took a deep breath. 400watt hps/mh system ordered! will keep yall posted maybe even start journal.
  8. i think scrog is the best way man.. fill her up good...
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    Agreed maybe throw in some LST too though that might be a little hard for some people depending on experience levels. Kudos on the 400w hps/mh you won't be dissapointed just watch your temps. Keep a thermometer at canopy level and have the light a foot or two away depending on your cooling capacity. You wanna keep those temps around 75F-85F max. Feel free to PM me if you ever have a question alamn. Peace:smoke:
  10. good stuff good stuff thx guys.
  11. No problem man the more you know the more you grow.:smoking:
  12. Started a journal in the hydroponics section of 'Grow Journals'.

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