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Tell me what to spend my $25 Amazon gift card on and I'll buy you something!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Floff, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Ok so I got $150 to Amazon for Christmas and already bought a Magic Flight Launch Box, a .01g scale, and a 100g calibration weight. I have $30 and don't know how to spend it...

    So, tell me what I should get for $25 and I'll spend the remaining $5 on you! :D
  2. .....the f*ck ima do wit $5? Cant even get a box of reliable condoms with that.
  3. [ame=] SentrySafe 500 FIRE-SAFE Box, 0.15 Cubic Feet, Black: Home Improvement[/ame]

    If you want a safe place to stash your stash!
  4. Buy something from Grasscity. :D
  5. [ame=] Judy - The Inflatable Friend: Everything Else[/ame]
  6. You should buy the 15min charger for the mflb or get extra batteries. Possibly some hemp wick or maybe even a pipe. You could also get rolling papers or some mason jars.
  7. Buy some raw rolling papers and some juicy jays
  8. Buy one of those coke cans that aren't filled with coke but they open and have a stack place now you can carry bud every where. Or those stash lighters they look and work like a lighter but one side opens.
  9. Instapark® 1.5" Premium Quality Tobacco Herb Grinder, Color Black: Kitchen & Dining

    Everyone needs a grinder :smoke:

    Product Features

    Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, 1.5" in diameter.
    Anodize surface provides enhanced hardness & smooth, scratch-free finish
    Diamond shaped & CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tooled teeth for easy, efficient & effortless grinding
    4-chamber design including magnetic top, bottom, stainless steel micro sieve & pollen catcher
    Stylish design with compact size and light weight for easy storage
  10. Buy Blunt wraps for both of us
  11. Grinders a good choice..

    i would give biggreenbuds the extra 5

  12. Get a grinder.
  13. [ame][/ame]

    Best investment ever.
  14. Get a coffee grinder!
  15. [ame][/ame]
  16. get a pocket pussy
  17. Get a grinder! Amazon has some good deals on grinders that shouldn't go over your budget. Think that is the best way to go.
  18. Already have a grinder and a mason jar.
  19. [ame=] Herb Pharm - Pharma Kava Extract 1 oz: Health & Personal Care[/ame]

    buy some of this kava extract! I use it toward the end of my day to relax...just mix a little bit in some tea, or take a shot glass of water and mix it...then sit back, and let the kava take affect :D

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