Tell me what am doing wrong - 8K VEG - NOT GOOD!

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  1. Sealed Room (First for this)
    17’x17’x10’ H
    Co2: 1150PPM
    8K MH

    Ebb and Flow
    55 Gallon Res’s @ 81*f
    3 Floods – 15min ea during day
    Nutes: Cutting Edge

    Nightime Low: 71
    Daytime High: 90ish - FIXED, dehuey timer bumped, temps were creeping up an hour before lights out.
    70%ish day, none added at night
    60%ish night, non condensing on leaves.

    So much information is in the photo below.

    Obviously multiple issues.

    The wilted DJ’s gold in the front has been removed.

    That bucket was not completely draining, due to the slope of the floor right there. I believe this resulted in pythium. The roots were snotty and brown.

    But as far as the rest of what is going on, its getting harder and harder for me to diagnose. Help is appreciated!

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  2. You would've been better off to have grown out a few in soil before trying to start a hydro setup...unless you had prior experience managing a hydro grow or have someone to mentor you along. To know what's up with your plants, you need some manner of base knowledge. That's the only way you can read what the plants are telling you. I suggest you repost this in the hydro thread so some of those folks can help you out. I started with soil and found it very easy and have stuck with it all these years. I've considered setting up a small hydro system just to learn how to use it, but honestly, I think the quality and taste of the final product is better in a soil grow. That's just a personal opinion and means little. But get your pics in front of some hydro growers and maybe they can help you fix your problems. TWW
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  3. I done them all and hydro is a HUGE learning curve as one day and it's wiped out.

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  4. Check this[​IMG]

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  5. Thats magnesium deficientcy.

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