Tell me what all I will need to get a dab attachment

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  1. I need to know the details of the attachments I will need to buy in ordered to dab from a regular bong...
    I think (I'm not sure) I have am 18mm downstem so I need something to fit that.
    What's the piece that goes from the downstem to the other end that holds the nail and dome?
    What size nail would I need?

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    You need a male to male 18mm adapter, 18mm nail, 18mm dome and a dabber. Or you can go with a domeless nail and carb cap. Make sure you get an Infiniti nail or a nail that fits a female joint.
  3. 18 mm male to male adapter
    of course a torch
    and for a nail if u wanna go cheap get a domeless quartz like 8 bucks on ebay or a pack of 3 for 20 since they do break over time. if u wanna go ti u gotta go exepnsive. 
  4. Instead of wasting money and time just go buy a cheap rig. My LHS has cheap rigs for $40-$50ish. Or $30 at a local clinic. Granted these are cheap little bubbler rigs, but it will still function much better then a one foot bong for dabs.
    Smoking flowers and vaping BHO out of the same piece is a no no in my book. All your dabs will taste like resin Yuck!
  5. Im all about flavor so of course I'd be cleaning my bong before dabbing delicious oil lol.
    Ill call my headshop an see if they've got small bubbler rigs, fact of the matter is I just want something to dab from!! Dont care if its small or not, long as it gets the job done haha.

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  6. I am telling you from experience. Unless you only plan on dabbing on special occasions your going to do something like this. Buy adapter, a month or two down the road decide your adapter isn't cutting it as you need a dedicated oil rig. Spend more $$, put adapter in a closet or give to a friend.
    I have 3 friends and myself all did that exact thing.
  7. HE Infiniti nail + carbcap dabber gives you the best low temp flavors ever
    only nail you'll need lol
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    You will want a dedicated rig, we promise.  The nice thing is that smaller and less complicated is usually better for oil.  I've started with a quartz nail and can't really imagine switching to Ti, I quit smoking metal years ago.
    Still new though.  I've been trying to dab low-temp with finger carbing my dome due to JC's advices, not sure if I'm missing out with quartz or not.
  9. quartz is great^
    Smaller is better for rigs, I hate how so many people like to try and use big tubes for it, waste of lung space/flavor. A smaller rig will be easier to dab because it doesnt require so much lung capacity and you can get your whole dab in one pull. plus the flavor is way better with a smaller piece and less diffusion/water
  10. Im on an $80 budget guys

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  11. I dont dab often just once every few weeks so yeah, what can i get? Can I get a small cheap rig? I want a small oil bubbler that sounds perfect

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  12. I called my headshop and asked them what the cheapest smallest oil rig would be and they have over 50 in stock. They said the cheapest was $35 and he would recommend spending $75 on it which is right within my budget so fuck yeah.

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    im on the same boat that you should get a smaller, dedicated rig. i bougt the adapter, nail, dome and threw it on my foot tall beaker, yea it worked and got me high...but there was definitely something missing. threw down $50 on a cheap rig when i was out of town, extra glass nail, and wow, a world of difference. i can taste the oil! savor the flavor man, savorrrr. do yourself a favorrrr and get a rig for dat oil vaporrr.
  14. sounds about right.  report back with pics and stories!
  15. For sure. Dont have a ride there at the moment, but I will be trying to make it up there today. If all goes well I will post photos of my purchase. The guy said $75, so I'm gonna bring $100 so I get everything I need. I don't need a torch, a friend is gonna let me borrow his. $75-$80 on the rig, hopefully it has the nail and whatnot with it... then I will need a dabbing utensil so maybe another $10? And anything extra should be taken care of by $100.

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  16. yea utensils are pretty non-essential.
  17. Okay so this is what I picked up for $94. The actual piece was only $75.99, with a titanium nail and all.

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  18. interdasting! looks like it will provide a perfect oil hit...curious about the nail itself and how that style of dome functions....hopefully the old pros chime in....
  19. why did you get a Ti nail?? only get Ti if its good quality, shouldve gone with quartz dude
  20. I can would get the $35 one and get a nice to nail. I think nail matters most as long as the $35 one is small. Smaller the better for a rig. More favor. One the rig itself breaksmor u get tired of it u can get a nice one. That's what I did as my first rig got a Santa cruz ti nail. And a really cheap $30 rig. After about a month I saved to get a jedeye recycler. And I still have that cheap rig for ppl that come over to use. Win win. And k have a backup rig if anything ever happens to my hitman or my jedeye. I actually have a lot of back up rigs. I'm addicted to buying cheap I offer rigs. But with a cheap nail u can't do anything after

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