Tell me this normal and not hermed...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by greenlee, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I have this gurl that is 8-9 weeks into flower and today I noticed what looks to me to be pollen sacks.I am hoping its just normal female growth but I am not sure.I know I read about some female part that is confused with pollen sacks.Take a look and let me know. +reps to all.Thanks

    Sorry,pic will not load at this time.If someone could point to some normal growth,would be great.
  2. Light leaks can cause hermaphrodism. This isn't especially common, but it does happen.
  3. normal growth starts out with harirs and then buds form. if there is pollen sacs it might be hermie. a picture would be great
  4. I have heard that in nature, if a large group of flowering cannabis is all female, one plant will sometimes be "forced" into growing male flowers to save the crop!

    Other than this, it is usually due to light stress.
  5. Make sure there's no light leaks. That's the only thing I know of that can cause herming. That, and if yer stressing yer plants too much.
  6. if it hermied you should see little yellow looking bananna sacks coming out of the buds. Bigger then the hairs but not by a ton.

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