Tell me this aint fucked up

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  1. Yesterday I was watchin tv when my boy gave me a call. There was a party at a guys house I barely knew, but I didnt have any money and seldom weed so I said I would pass cuz I didn't want to be a moocher...

    My boy says dont worry its all covered, etc etc. So I wait 20 minutes and my 2 friends come to pick me up. We'll call one N and the other V. V was driving and N was the one that called me so we're on our way to this guys house. We'll call him E. So E told N that there wasn't going to be many people coming so I thought it was just gunna be a small session with a couple beers each. This was straight as fuck as I wasn't doing anything else all night. So we arrive and E's girlfriend, R greets us at the door. R isn't the prettiest girl you'd ever see but it was whatever. Whatever floats E's boat.

    Anyway we step inside and this party is full as fuck. Apparently people called people and the word spread but there was at least 30-40 people there. Me, N and V came to get piffed up so I took out the small bit of weed I had and pitched it on a session with my two friends. We scoped out E in the tv room and asked him for his bong. He told us it was upstairs and to follow him so we did just that.. Anyways he opens his bedroom door and we all see a couple fucking on the bed, E yells out and they both turn around, and to our dismay they're both guys. Now I ain't against gays or nothing, but having gay sex on E's bed was taking it a bit too far... E chased them out of the house, he was furious, pacing about and clenching his fists... Needless to say the party ended but it was definitely fucked up how destiny would carry us to see that shit, and it would be the cause for the end of the party =l

    Anyways after it ended the 3 of us went back to my place and tried to smoke the image out of our minds. It didnt work.
  2. dude thats extremley fucked up, talk about a buzz kill
  3. its fucked up but i laughed. thats like some shit out of a movie for real.
  4. What's fucked up is that this is in music hall.
  5. hahaha i would of been pretty heated if i was E..only person havin sex on my bed is me and a dudes
  6. What about a, b, and c? This reminds me of sucking at algebra.
  7. Make sure he washes the sheets. You don't want him to catch the gay.
  8. This story is invalid without pics of R's tits...
  9. hahahahhaha

    i woulda kicked some poofter ass

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA i just died^^^^

    and that is fucked up
  11. This^^
  12. Now that's funny.
  13. thought this was going to be a story about envy....N and
  14. :laughing:

    Yes, definitely wash the sheets. Nothing gets the gay out of sheets better than washing them with gasoline and fire, preferably while they're still on the bed. :D
  15. thats pretty fucked up man.

    I don't know why I'm asking but it's something I have to ask, what position were they ruining your friends bedsheets in?

  16. The Homosexual kind.
  17. Fuck I musta been baked to post this in Music Hall, I meant RLS, one forum up :rolleyes:

    Anyways they were in the doggy style position for the sick fuck that wanted to know. :p

    Haven't talked to E since but I heard he was trying to find the guys that did it. I'm not sure violence is the best way to solve this but I know I would be pissed...
  18. dude, if thatd been my bed i think i would have murdered a couple of naked men that night.

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