Tell me if you think this is a good idea for tattoos

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  1. I have decided on two tattoos. One on each wrist. The runic warrior Viking talismans Aegishjalmur and Vegvisir. Aegishjalmur means "Helm of Awe" and was worn for protection, and irresistibility in battle. The Vegvisir is the runic compass, it prevents one from getting lost. They'll be done in red, to signify blood, and since they'll be tattoos they'll be charged by actual blood as well.

    So does this sound like a cool idea or lame?

  2. dude i think it sounds cool:smoke:
  3. Ink 'em,cool idea:D
  4. Yeah I'm not sure where I want them done. I'm thinking like the thick of the arm before the elbow bend or something.
  5. I think it would look cool on your wrists, like barely touching the palm

  6. Or one on the back of each shoulderblade, you could make 'em larger that way too:D
  7. Do you really want them where people can easily see them and ask "derp wutz dat meen?" everytime time you're out in public?

    Not saying don't get them, but maybe reconsider the location :) i duno
  8. Yeah I do actually lol. They're interesting symbols with meaning.

    It's better than most tats where you ask them about it and they're like "derp i thought it was cool".
  9. I think a good tattoo artist could make this come out looking very nice. I think it would look better if you were getting sleeves later on but they would also look good on their own but you might run the risk of it looking very tacky. I can't stress enough the importance of a GOOD tattoo artist. (I say artist because you'll want to pay a skilled artist to draw up this idea for ya so it's custom to your body and shape.)
  10. they will make nice tats.....not something that will turn to mush over the years......

    how "visable" do you want them? with that shape they could go almost anyplace and look good.....

    i got ink on the part of the for arm you describe as well as down on the inside of my wrist.....
    go for it! just make the size of the tat "fit" the space you put it!

  11. Quick question, I understand the meaning behind them, but do they really posses these powers of protection? No, but continue with getting something you seem fit and creative. I do not like these tattoos and would love for you to become more creative.
  12. i think its a dope, original idea and u should defitntaly get it done...or i will jk jk..but the wrist sounds like a good spot to put emm..
  13. If you find the right artist who can do them real dope for a fair price, maybe you could get them done as symbols on shoulder armor of some sort.

    Pardon me if that sentence didn't make any sense. I'm fighting a lack of sleep at work.

    But they are some pretty bad ass tats, man. Go for it!

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