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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by weedvirgin15, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. I have 2 different vape pens. One that you just inhale to activate, and another that has another to activate. I've tried both before in order to try a cartridge with stevia, and another with a hybrid. I got nothing from both oils and both pens. Can someone tell me how to vape right? I've never smoked before in my life
  2. Sorry it took so long for someone to get back to you. On the vape pens, you say you have a push button one and another 1. I don't understand from your description what kind it really is. I have been vaporizing for more than 3 years and I can help you. Please give me a few more details so that I can help you more efficiently.

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  3. are you not getting any *vapor* or are you blowing clouds and not getting any sort of high?

    also, are these street bought or from a dispensary?

    do you know anyone local with experience isn’t cartridges that you could ask for help from?

    welcome to Grasscity!
  4. Sorry it was late when I posted. 1 vape pen that u just inhale and another with a button where it activates with 5 button activation and a preheat. I've inhaled through both pens with a hybrid oil carriage and waited 2-3 hours for some sort of high to happen. I got nothing. I did get it to where smoke came out when I inhaled and exhaled but nothing still. I'm thinking maybe in just getting the smoke part but not anything from the heated oil. so idk what to do
  5. Aw thank you! no one's greeted me yet! much appreciated <3

    So I do inhale and exhale smoke and after 9 puffs of the exact try I didn't feel a high. I did this through 2 different pens. only gotten a body high so idk why a head high feels. A friend gave me a vape pen that called vuse Ciro auto draw. For the cartridge I think it's a home made. I went to a store to ask what I was doing wrong and told me I'm using the "wrong pen". Gave me an ooze pen that activates by button. 5x touch to turn off/on and preheat. The guy offered me to try it out but gave it to my fiance's dad to try since I dont like the idea of being high in public. he felt the high and it was a little much. so I assumed it worked. When I tried all i seem to get is a cloud but no high effect.

    Lastly recently I looked up that maybe I need to "hold the button down". so I'm assuming, turn on by pressing 5x, hold button when inhaling and it should work.

    As for that same friend, we set up a day for him to show me ,chips and drink ready for munchies, but he never showed up, he was with a girl he liked and guessing he was hoping to hook up with her. never texted or anything and I was tired of waiting and tried. Would I ask him again? idk....felt a little sad and disappointed he ditched me like that.

    hope this helps

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