Tell me GC, is this legal? (Cop story)

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    So word on the street is my dealer got busted last night. Now, a little information about my dealer.

    He just got a new connect who he swore was extremely legit. The guy asked for his full name, his address, and all that shit because he was fronting my dealer his weed and he wanted to make sure he didn't just run away with the weed. I thought just that simple fact right there was shady. He also got pretty heavy into the pill game along with selling bud and got robbed a few times. I just know this because I was always at his house chillin there and we'd go halves on blunts/bowls/ get the picture.. He was like a Pineapple Express guy!

    Anyway, from what I hear the cops were knocking on his door very hard and loud, and eventually just busted the door open, ran upstairs and cuffed everyone, and stole the lockbox that he kept all his shit in. My other friend that was there got a half ounce taken away from him, and he was let go but was told he'd have something in the mail for him.

    What I don't understand is....THESE COPS DIDN'T HAVE A FUCKING WARRANT. While they might've had probable cause to bust in to his house (people going in and out the house all the time, etc...), are they still allowed to do that with no warrant? Thank God I wasn't in the house...

    TLDR: My dealer had the cops bust in his house without a warrant and arrested him and also took a half ounce off of my other friend that was there, who was let free. Is this all legal with no warrant?
  2. Not without a warrant, no. But I very much doubt a bunch of cops would just bust into a house without a warrant, they're generally scum, but they're not idiots.

    Something tells me there's more to this story.
  3. yeah bro no way a whole group of cops go rogue lol they had a warrant or your dudes story was bs

  4. Allot of cops try anything to get around getting a search warrant. [​IMG]

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