Tell me about your gloning gel/powder etc

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  1. Sooooo Ive been using low cost cloning powder like any other gardener uses. Anyone who reads this, I want to know what cloning product you use and what kind of results you get. Ive been stubborn about only using the cheap stuff but now im wondering if there's a difference
  2. I have powder rootone and earth juice rootstock gel. I personally don't think it makes a difference. I could probably get the same success rate using nothing at all. It's not the gel the performs the magic, tis the plant!

    I have also used this purple gel shit my buddy gave to me (don't remember) but it was THICK! point is, it worked also. lol
  3. I use DutchMaster Replicator and root into Jiffy plugs
  4. rootech and rockwool cubes
    jiffys were trouble for me
  5. Lol, exact opposite for me. I do awesome in them. But whatever works is cool, could be some variable between our water, temps, etc as to why we get different results

  6. I use "Plant Prod Stim Root" (powder) #2 for small clones and #3 for larger clones (woodier stems) in rockwool cubes and have 100% success rate with these products
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  8. I use Clonex rooting gel. Still at 100% rooting and I usually half-ass the process.
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    I curious as to what the current products you are using have resulted you. and the name of them or it.
    Iv been selling clones professionally for 6 years off and on and have a ton of experience with them & have been wondering about trying them. Soooo much easier cloning than flowering apparently!!
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    I use the cheap powder and also some cheap liquid rooting hormone. Mist roots or medium at 1/2 strength with the hormone or when watering, use the liquid and powder together. 99% success for me.
  11. Roottech little 5 $ size lipbalm size 100% success rate for me so far its a orange gel not that thick but it gets right up on the cutting n where ever it touches roots grow from so its some good shit
  12. Some type of rooting gel that came in a bag kind of like a capri sun type thing... Probably that purple gel someone mentioned. My first time cloning i had 4 out of 5 root well in rapid rooters, the 5th one had starts of roots on it so it may have rooted eventually. But we will never know...
  13. I use Rootech then dip in great white. i have 100% rate bro.

    rootech is cheap as shit and even on it's own i had 100% rate with it, the great white helps to root faster. without great white i get roots in about 2 weeks with greatwhite i usually see roots forming in as little as a week.
  14. maybe I should have been more specific. Im used to 100% success rate but does anyone have anything that makes roots crazy fast comapred to anything else theyve used?
  15. great white greatly sped up my roots bro. i mean i literally see those little white nubs ont he stem within days and by the first week i can see little roots starting.
  16. Ace,
    I have been having decent luck w/ my bubble bucket, and Clonex.
    3 gal. bucket.
    2L. pump turned up full speed.
    Mini T5.
    18 on, 6 off, seems to be a good spot.
    Stems WITHIN 1/2" of water line.
    6 clones/holes/ collars.
    I have found it's kind of a slow process,(7 to 10 days for roots to show) and the mini T5 will give you plenty of time to get the clones next home ready!
    I have been adding 1 TSP. h2o2 every 7 days. or so.
    Also, a very weak fert. soution (GH GROW) once roots are established.
    These are a month old or so, and ready to go.
    Topped the larger ones, and trim fan leaves, if they are using too much light for the other ones to grow decently.
    The one in back left, I took at 21 days into flower, as kind of an experiment...
    No roots yet, but still alive.
    At one point the clones will look REALLY bad...I just let them be. Put 'em in a closet turn on the timer, and forget about them for a few weeks.haha.

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  17. I don't use anything I just put the clone n my bubble bucket raise the water level so the very top is covered leave them alone for 14-17 days and roots like crazy right now I'm at 100% success rate. When I used the clone gel I was probably 75% of the time successful

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