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Tell me about your first time truly being high for the first time? ( My story, too)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by DopeGame, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. sorry if this is in the wrong topic. I could't find another place, if there is, please i mean no impositionm just a legit mistake.

    and, this a long one, so if you are in a rush, dont bother.

    But, if you are in no rush, is in the mood to share/ hear some stories about getting TRULY high the first time, not necessarily meaning the first time you smoked.

    I literally mean: Getting TRULY high, the first time.

    First, before that, I'd like to explain the reason and nature for and about this post:

    I'm in an nostalgic mood right now, very self medicated :) Just got off a 2 week T-break. Made me start to think of back in the day, first smoking, so, I had the idea to share and hear about it, if you want you can share, or read my story and tell me what you think of it.

    i wont lie, its nothing too special. But to me... it was one the most unforgettable moments of my life, so far, as I'm sure it was for you, too.

    From my experience from, myself, others' opinions, they/ I, agree that we/I got high only after a few smoke sessions. not the first time, literally. Having said that, the first 4-5 times, I (then) never smoked a full joint to my self, as I have only part taken in groups,but, of course, only after putting in some, too, not being a mooch here!
    My Story:

    I remember the first time I got truly high.

    I was 16, or 17, I didn't get high the first time, but the 2nd time... i dunno why, but i always just guessed the THC, or my brain needed time to know how to react, the canabanoid receptors in my brain, I guess waking up first time etc, and, for it to get recognised, get absorbed in the blood stream and enter the brain etc. in my opinion, like most medicines, they need time to actually "work" the effect.

    Now, the second time I smoked weed, (out of a simple glass pipe)... I got SO damn high. To me, it felt like a very real lucid dream. The more further I looked away, the more it felt like a 2D paper background that wrapped around my head 360 degrees. If I had to be specific, I'd say, 200 meters in a circumference all around me.

    Really, no matter which way I looked, it was the same, a "picture-like" background. I guess the best way I can describe how I felt during this time, was like as if I stumbled upon a movie set, one that was made to portray a different era in time, but, one in our time. As if they were making a film about the late 00's era, you know?

    The same time, despite all the reports noted,I as any teenager would do, quickly dismissed all the warnings from my parents, teachers, doctors, friends, even the weed dealers/shop clerks' them selves of the potential to start feeling a " bad trip" in the duration of the smoke session. Weirdly enough, I never to this day, experienced a "bad trip"

    meh...the last sentence is sort of a lie, let me explain:
    The second time smoking truly getting high, I WAS TRIPPINGGG. But, in a good way. You know, like the way i explained above, also a bubbly, buzzed, floating 5 inches, legs don't work, loosing sense of time, time going by so fast. Sitting in the woods, then walking to the local burger place, ordering like... 5 hot dogs, 2 burgers and 2 cokes. I swear... I've never been so hungry or thirsty in my LIFE. It was so satisfying to drink something at that point, ha ha.

    After this, we decided to go back to the same area, but to the beach, (mind you, its like mid-July, ....32 degrees Celsius out?) I had real bad cotton mouth, and... see, at the time, I had no knowledge about weed, or what it could do to me. So I was not prepared for it at all, nor was i warned about what might/did happen lol... bone dry mouth, hard to swallow, I could feel the inside of my throat touching when I swallowed.

    Sorry, I really dont mean to make this sound weird or "erotically graphical" its a about weed, and frankly, I'm high right now, so my brain is sorta fried. I'm just rolling with what I'm thinking.

    But yeah, the first time me ACTUALLY getting high, for Me, was, I think I can safely say was the, if not, "THE" best time/ feeling I've ever had the privilege of feeling, and being introduced to it. From that day on, ( 2011, or 2012), to today. I've been living the "high" life, when i could afford it, some things just come before something such luxurious things, like weed, especially high grade kushes and what not.

    To be fair, also taking the negative experiences I've, we've ALL dreaded that this "day" would come.. 'least at one point in our smoking days: Those "days" where the whole town is "dry" No one has anything to sell, Medicinal shop or street transactions, its a real night mare, and something that is mutually known, i know it: the effort needed to try get to sleep... I'm more than sure you guys will agree with me, that trying to sleep not high, especially when its not your choice, so awful, having the cash, knowing you CAN get, if they had I'ts just that...the guys don't have anything. Going from: Smoking for 2 weeks in a row. Each day, heavily, then being abruptly forced to smoking nothing what so ever?

    . P.U.R.E nightmare, especially if you have school/ work already being irritable from not smoking, counting the hours pass, till its almost time to get read to get the day started. I can safely say... No weed... no sleep, am I right? If you have read this far, clearly you are interested, regardless, i feel the need to apologise for this... "Novel-Like prologue" of a story... But hey, if you enjoy stories like that, i glad i could accommodate you. If not, I'm sorry not everything likes reading, and that's cool.

    But, that's Me, I'm a very literature-loving person I love writing, typing true life stories. Usually true ones. Sometimes I do like to think of things that i could write for a fiction story, but, if I pursuit something like this, I'd be afraid I'd loose my "love" for the current project id be working on.

    Though I like literature, I don't usually write this much nor this often.

    Lol, the teachers used to politely beg me to stop performing my oral presentation, because I would smoke a big fatty during the home work. Doing research online, an, boy... Did I ever write down a lot. I must have had at least 50 + title cards of speech. That's what I get for smoking all night, trying not to pass out from heavy sativa dominants.

    Anyway, that's my story about my first time getting high and a little extra too. Why not?

    Now its your turn....Are you still awake?
  2. I'm still awake, but just skimmed your story- it is long! I don't remember my first high -it was in 1968. I do remember buying my first matchbox of cannabis. I took one of my Dad's cigarettes, emptied the tobacco and filled with herb. I didn't know how much to smoke and I didn't get high that first time, but it's a vivid memory.
    I lit up upstairs in my bedroom, and will never forget my first hit.
  3. hey man!, sorry for the late reply,
    Fair enough, 1968 is quite a while ago, i don't blame you for not remembering every detail, especially on the herb! ,as the brain only chooses to remember important things, like things about basic survival, shocking events/ conversations, lol, even embarrassing moments that which happened 20 years ago, playing back as if it happened yesterday, yup, done the " ol' switcheroo" with the tobacco in a cigarette 50/50 mix too, Hahaha. Replaced the filter with cardboard, great times, i rmember when i discovered rolling papers, man, what an invention, not exactly 1968, but same events, same fun, am I right? , Cheers man :)
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  4. Ok it's a little past midnight and I'm up with intestinal cramps and raging bouts of diarrhea from what I suspect was from a rich pork ramen that I are for lunch. I just popped outside to smoke a joint in the freezing 21F degree night. I'm high AF and still have the cramps but now I just don't care. Read your story and liked it. It got my mind off my last food choices and the first time I actually got high.
    Like you I didn't get high the first time I smoked which was when I was fourteen and a freshman in high school. It was 1980 in the Jersey shore suburbs and most of the weed was basic Mexican brown pot. You had to use an album cover to sift all the seeds out of it. Some of it was respectful. It was at a football game under the bleachers. I didn't feel much but loved the taste.
    The second time is when I got really fucked up. It was at a house party. Did a ton of bong rips because momma didn't raise no quitter. Got so high I just floated out of the house with my friend who was also really high for the first time into the summer night. The world had changed yet was the same. Everything was hyper real the air was softer and the smell of honey suckle was intense. The cicadas were singing so loud and I could actually pick out the repeating rhythms in their song. The street lights made even the most mundane tree look like an exotic alien species and there was a serene gentle music throbbing in the distance that I swore got louder the closer I approached the street light. As if light and sound were linked for the first time somehow. I knew that I would never forget that night and I haven't. I have loved weed ever since that night back in 1980.
  5. Thx for sharing your first high experiences. One thing I've noticed of late is that today's Cali weed, although much stronger than what was available in the late 50's, still doesn't compare to my first weed high, in front of my high school when I was 15 or 16 around 1958 (memory fades). I don't think it was the quality of weed so much as the virgin effect of decent cannabis on a receptive mind. After that, a lot of weed was mediocre (Mexican compressed stuff, with lots of seeds), but things seemed to change for the better in the 70's, though nothing to write home about.

    Since my resurgent interest in commercial cannabis over the last few months from dispensaries, I get more "bang for the buck," though still not like that first time in front of my high school.
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  6. I think I answered this question in a similar thread but it was years ago lol

    My story isn’t super interesting but it’s a fun memory and me and my friends still talk about it lol

    I think I was 14, about to be 15, and it was Freshman year of high school. Before I smoked, I’d ask my friends what it was like. They’d tell me all these funny stories about like going to McDonalds or Burger King high after school all the time. They’d be like “oh the funniest shit happened...” and I’d ask dumb questions like “why was it so funny?” And they’d be like “cuz we’re high!!” Lmao

    Anyway, they asked me one time if I wanted to smoke. I turned it down because i was afraid of getting caught by police or something lol but then one night I finally agreed.

    I still remember this like it was yesterday. I went to my friends house to meet up, and were waiting outside his house sitting on the sidewalk. Our other friend came to pick us up in his moms Van. We were freshmen, and it seems stupid now to let him drive, but at the time we didn’t care. So he drives us really slowly and paranoid to a McDonald’s. We smoked what I now know was some Mids out of my friends glass pipe.

    I’ll never forget my first hit. I pulled the smoke in my mouth, and right as it was about to hit my throat/go down to my lungs, I fucking coughed so hard lol

    So my second turn comes, and I hit it correctly this time. I exhaled and it felt so cool. I remember feeling like I knew I just took a good hit because I could taste the weed lol

    So I take a few more hits, and as I was passing the bowl to my friend, the fucking high hit me like a truck. I remember it felt like it took him an hour to grab the piece out of my hand. Everything slowed down. I felt like if I wanted to look to my left or right, I had to try really hard to turn my head because my body felt slow

    As soon as I realized I was high I was like “this is fuckin awesome” lol and we all laughed about it. Then we went into McDonald’s and I ate a huge meal like nuggets, a burger and fries.

    It was so fun dude lol I miss the early days of smoking.

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  7. Back in grade 8, decided to give cannabis a try. Was shitting myself. Met up with my experienced smoking friend with dreadlocks. He took me to an abandoned house ( great place to first smoke right?) Took a rip of the bong and coughed so badly I sculled a whole 1litre bottle of orange juice at once. We rode back and i defiantly felt different. The wind blowing on my face felt like a million baby penguins giving me kisses. Everything seemed a little brighter and my giggles started taking over me. I’ll never forget that day.
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