Tell me about your first experience with a bong!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by oioiooioiiooi, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. So guys, I'm really interested to hear how you guys came to find yourself taking a hit out of a bong, and the story behind it.
    As my story goes, I was young, around 14 I think, I was at my friends house, we had stayed up waiting for his dealer to give us the green light, we went and said hi to him, then he went off somewhere with our money, we stayed with his friend and his friends hot girlfriend, he came back about twenty minutes later, with the smallest served 2 grams I've ever seen thinking back to it, we went back to my friends house. We rolled up a big fatty spliff, then, being high as fuck with me talking to a cat for 15 minutes, we went back inside, not knowing how I bing works or that snapping was an option, we stupidly go this small little glass bong, (actually bigger than the one I currently have), and stuffed the bowl with tobacco, and then we put a small amount of weed on top. We went back outside, took the bong in question stuffed with disgusting tobacco, and some very wet, barely dried or cured moby Dick, and a lighter. My friend took the bong, and took a hit, he burnt all the weed off the tip, God knows how it got me high, but anyway, he was there almost on the floor coughing his lungs out, I then took the bong, and took a nice hit from it as well, boy will I remember that, the burning sensation once you start coughing, not being used to it and you start dribbling while you're coughing, God how I hope to remember that for a while to come, the night ended in watching men in black and matrix after that.
    That's my story of the first time I used a bong, I hope you guys enjoyed it, I think it took me 20 mins to write but in all honesty I have absolutely no idea,

    Anyway, thanks for reading guys, post all your stories of your experience with bongs, it will be interesting to hear them all,

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  2. I was probably about 12 (when I started) went to a friend's basement his older bro was there with some other friends. We all started ripping the bong ( I don't even know who's weed it was) but my friends older brother dared him to drink the bong water for 100$ of course being 12 he did. Hell I would have too he was sick and puking all night hahaha good times

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
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  3. Nice story man, thanks for replying!

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  4. Man I don't have any pics and it broke but the first bong I smoked out of was a 2-foot zong (lighting bolt shaped) that we called Zeus. If straightened out the pipe would've been 4.5 ft long.

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  5. Haha holy shit bro, unlucky there!

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  6. Yeah dude I do t remember the story behind hitting Z for the first time, but I remember all too clearly getting a pic of Zeus with a broken bowl captioned "Sara knocked over the fucking Bong dude!"

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  7. Thankfully it wasn't mine and we found a Zeus 2.0 but I haven't picked it up yet

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  8. Send me a pic of zeus 2.0 when you get it, haha ill be interested to see!

    in the mean time, keep smoking!
  9. Will do! Hopefully they still have one lol. That was a month and a half ago

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  10. a bong was my first session ever. It was loaded with brick / shwag. but the group made me white wall it every time and clear it. 4 people 1or 2 grams of brick. round it goes.
    I go into my own trance like "will they notice im white girl wasted" while i enjoy the tracers/ distortion and a wajhwahwahwah sound. eventually walked home by latching elbows with another, where i peak for food but sleep instead to sober up. few hour later i am vomiting face down crawling to a puddleless portion of my matress and pass out agoin. laid in vomit for 6 hours or so.
    I was swallowing the bong rips durring the session.
  11. shit brother that sounds nasty, nice to hear from ya, thanks for replying!
  12. haha good story ro, i can tell it really left its mark hahaha
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  13. The first bong I ever hit was a gravity bong and it was pretty intense, my throat burned so bad, I think I was probably around 14 or 15.
  14. nice bro, never used one myself, ill give it a try, it doesnt leave the smell if i smoke it in the night does it?
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    Yeah it smokes pretty well, its tough hits though.
  16. ok bro, will d0!
  17. It was fuckin lit

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  18. Damn bro them details haha
  19. I was probably 18 (when I started smoking) and it was over the summer before college. I worked with a kid named Cameron who also went to school with me. He was one of the first people I bought from. We always talked about smoking together so one night we finally did.

    I met up with my best friend Cody at my house, and he brought our friend Kevin. Cameron showed up and he brought two other kids I've known for a long time but hadn't really been friends with. One of them brought a huge bong with a smiley face on. I cleared like half of it and almost died haha. Then we all just sat around basically doing the weird thing from Wolf of Wall Street where they make noises.

    But this was pre wolf of Wall Street.

    And I remember the night ending with my friend Cody and I melted into the couch.

    Also found out the next day that after they left, the kid who brought the bong ate too much pizza and threw up in his friends dad's BMW.

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