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  1. i want to know..... can pollen from some other type of plant (anything other than marijuana) pollenate a female marijuana plant? someone told me before that it can't, is that correct? both this grow and my last one ended up with seeds. and neither of these 2 grows received high stress, so why the seeds?

    both grows were started from seed, first one had regular seeds and males were pulled before 12/12 even started, second (current) grow, were feminized seeds, so a higher risk of hermie's, but i didn't notice any male flowers forming anywhere. but what are the chances of getting hermies 2 out of 2 times with different strains, and both with little stress.

    my current grow, in a hydro hut, was sucking in fresh air from outside (the house, not just the hut) so if regular pollen from any type of plant can pollenate a female mj plant, well there's my problem right there, but i didn't think it could... so unless my neighbors are all growing weed and there pollen found its way into my intake system, how the fuck am i ending up with seeds? please someone enlighten me. these buds that will be chopped down in a week, are going to turn out damn near perfect except for the seeds, what a fucking buzz kill.
  2. You are either drawing in pollen from outdoors (pollen can travel a long way) or you have/had a hermie. Sometimes plants can throw just a few male parts which are hard to find. It might have happened this grow or it may have been some pollen left in your grow area from the previous grow. I've heard of grafting MJ plants onto roots from a hops plant but I don't think pollen from a different kind of plant would pollinate yours.
  3. Other plant species cannot pollinate MJ. And stress would not produce seeds.

    You say you had males in the first grow, that's could be your problem. Males mature faster than females, and even if they weren't busting their pollen sacs just the act of pulling them out can shake the plant enough for it to release some pollen. Pollen can hang around on the wals of your hydro hut. Or, as Buz said, you could have a neighbor growing and the pollen traveled on the wind.

    Buz, yes hops (as in the stuff they make beer from) is about the closest cousin genetically to MJ, and I also have heard of grafting but not cross-pollination.
  4. You always get the occasional seed from your sinsi bud. It's the plants way of trying to survive. Normally they are some poor looking little white immature seeds, but they are seeds nonetheless.

    Someone had to see jurassic park.

    "Nature always finds a way."
    "Even when there's only females. That's just crazy."
    "Hey, all I'm saying is nature finds a way."
  5. well i know for a fact its not pollen left from the last grow, becasue this is the first time growing in a brand new hydro hut. so rule that out. like i said my air intake sucks in air from outside, but still what are the chances that someone else is growing buds, right bye me? and growing the first time i pulled the male out of there before i even switched over to 12/12 lighting, it just had a couple little male pre-flowers from being in veg for so long, so i'm pretty sure that it's not from accidentally bursting the pollen sacs when i cut it down.

    and now that toasty biz has confirmed for me that any random pollen cannot pollinate a mj plant, as i thought, that leaves me still confused, i guess i'll just keep trying. my next grow, will have no intake, and an exhaust running only during the dark cycle, because i'm going to be using a co2 setup, so there will be no need for bringing in new air.

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