Tell me about a horrible experience

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  1. Anything goes!Only rule is you had to be in the clouds at the time. Yesterday's history. Tomorrow's a mystery.
  2. I'll start.I smoked way too much. And was about to put everything away and I dropped my carbon filter and it shattered. And I mean shattered. Then I cut myself picking the glass up. Then I burned a hole in my pants from an incense. I've hit rock bottom Yesterday's history. Tomorrow's a mystery.
  3. Hotboxing my car w my buddies and getting pulled over by the cops. Happened multiple times but never even got a ticket the trick is to not carry more than 1g with you cuz then its not worth their time to write you a ticket. or maybe its just cause I live in cali and they don't care haha.
    Be Easy :smoke:
  4. I work with the mentally disabled, i spent 6 hours today in a basement trying to calm this 35 year old man down while he stomped his feet, screamed, attempted to push me and his other disabled roommate around who likes to egg him on even more, i juggled both these fuckin guys for 6 fucking hours straight, thank fuck i get paid good, this was also on the tail end of a 48 hour sleep in shift. 
    Yall dont know about the relief of a huge bong toke until you do this shit. 
  5. Ok I have one.
    I was new to smoking, and had maybe gotten high about 6 or 7 times before. But I had never gotten REALLY high. On a scale from 1 to 10, I had only gotten to like a 6. Anyways I'm with my friend, lets call him John. He had been smoking with me a lot and kind of being my stoner guide/mentor. He was taking me to smoke with some of his older friends, who he said were really chill and would make sure we had a good time. The only problem was we had to walk a LONG way to get to them. We finally get there and John was right. His friends were super chill and funny. We walked a little bit to a field and started smoking. There were about 5 of us. Keep in mind I was still pretty new. We started off with a blunt. I was a little toasted after that, but not really. Then we decided to pack a couple bowls. Two PHAT bowls later, I was pretty damn blazed. I was higher than I had ever been. Until they broke out that joint. After that one joint I was GONE. I couldn't feel my legs and I was feeling kinda nauseous and dizzy. Then John tells me that his parents want us home in half an hour, so we gotta go. I was too baked to move and it took me 5 minutes to get up. I walked about 100 feet and started puking everywhere. I felt terrible for making everyone put up with me, so in between barfs I was apologizing profusely. John and I leave and start walking and I feel like shit. Every 10 minutes I puked a little. It took us an hour and a half to get to Johns house and we walked FOUR MILES. It was a horrible experience overall, up until the last mile. I was feeling better and started to sing California Girls by Katy Perry. As soon as I got to his house I passed right the fuck out.

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