Television forum hates me :(

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  1. I've been trying to make the same thread in there several times for the last 24 hours and it just won't take my thread. I write the message, but when I hit send it hangs for a few minutes and eventually stops at a blank page.

    Am I doing something to cause this?
  2. Use a short title to begin with and then edit it after it posts...even make a short post and edit it as well. Try that out. If that doesn't work, log out, clear your cookies and log back in.

    Royskopp has a interesting fix but I don't have time to search the forum to find it. Sorry.

    ...and sorry for the inconvenience. It happens to me too...and it sucks. :p
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    i made this post but i cant seem to change the title. can i please get it changed to The Good Guys

    or maybe tell me how i can change it, as i couldnt figure it out

    and thanks
  4. Click on the edit button on your post. Then click on the button that says "Go Advanced"

    You will be brought to a new screen where you will be able to change the title.

    Also, if you are on the page with your thread, sometimes if you double click near the name of the thread, it brings up a title editor. Hard to explain. You can't click the link, just near it. The first way is easier though.

  5. You called? LOL :)

    What I do when this happens to me is I put "." as my title and write out my post as I normally would. Then when it submits I quickly go back and go to "Advanced" or whatever and change my title to whatever it was originally going to be and it works :)

    oops didn't see the post above.
  6. thanks guys everything is back as it should be.

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