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Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by I Wayne, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. how come anytime i start to feel down or start to think about something my girlfriend calls or texts me correlating to what im thinking? im positive telepathy exists, but how can we learn to control it? I have anxiety and a couple minutes ago i started to have fear, and what do you know..my gf starts talking to me about being worried about something. Also everyone has those times they go to call someone and that person theyre calling ends up calling you right as you pick the phone up!

    Any connections or advice on controlling connected thoughts/feelings?! Thanks!
  2. Coincidence.

    Unless it was fate...
  3. coincidences do happen, and we tend to remember them more than when it doesn't happen that way. o__o

    I don't think Telepathy exists in the way you imagine it does.
  4. i do. im gonna say it cause idc...2 of my friends ate mushrooms. one was in another room reading every single thing my other friend was thinking
  5. I believe you have to be open minded , stop your brainless chatter and let ideas cone to you
  6. Dude this happens ALL THE TIME with me and my girlfriend. We live together, and it's honestly like we share the same exact mind. Either of us will say something, and the other will be thinking that same exact thing. It's freaking crazy.
  7. I think when we experience "telepathy" what we're really experiencing is our subconscious connecting with a different version of us in a parallel universe and bringing it into ours...I think this can also explain how sometimes you're thinking a phrase or say something and then someone on the radio or tv says the same exact thing seconds later..a version of you already heard or saw those things right before you did and it slipped into our consciousness
  8. thatsss a bit far fetched lol i mean how do you know theres parallel universes? i do understand what your saying about saying something, then the tv says it...because no lie bro that shit happens alllll the time to me, and it happens more times for it just to be a coincidence.

    but cats, dogs and other animals all communicate telepathically right? there is most definitely something there for humans too...
  9. Really? Is it not much more logical to believe it's simply coincidence.
  10. I dont think it's coincidence when it happens millions of times around the world daily..granted the days events could have triggered the same thought process in 2 people which led to them coming to the same thought at the same time but are all those events also just coincidence?
  11. luck or coincidence doesnt exist just straight up truth in this reality i see
  12. No, animals largely communicate through body language, pheromones or basic sound patterns.
  13. [quote name='"gedio"']

    No, animals largely communicate through body language, pheromones or basic sound patterns.[/quote]

    okay okay. then explain this- why right before the 2004 tsunami a local elephant herder said all his tamed elephants broke free from their chains and went inland? and why there arent many cat/dog death counts? how is it just instinct animals know about that coming and not us?
  14. imo if telepathy DOES exist, its nothing more than picking up on other animals mood, or feelings giving you the ability to judge what they may do. beyond that, people who stare at goats are insane.
  15. So you're suggesting animals have a telepathic connection to what exactly? Tectonic plates?

    Earthquake prediction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  16. They're better at sensing danger.. Like when a dog can feel a thunderstorm coming and hides under the table even before a cloud appears in the sky.

    It's like asking why people can't pick up 1,000 lbs, but a gorilla can. It's just the way they're tuned.

    In the case of the tsunami, I am sure the elephants weren't the first to flea. Birds and smaller animals were probably darting past them like their asses were on fire.. That's a pretty good sign to anyone just standing there that something that's going to fuck you up is on it's way.

    Just cause you can't smell rain coming or spot a rabbit from a mile away doesn't mean animals can't.

    Not saying I don't believe in telepathy, you just can't really compare. It's all on how you take in energy. I am sure most of us have had it happen where you think you're about to get a text, so you grab your phone and BAM, a text.

    You're probably thinking "holy shit, I am psychic!" but from a realistic point of view, it's probably energy waves from the text coming in that you're able to pick up on without knowing it.

    Energy is all around us. Your brainwaves that radiate out are a form of energy. Being able to receive those waves could be possible with individuals..
  17. Nice I learn something new every day.

    ^ That's some good stuff haha I can understand the energy flow from a phone
  18. Sounds like confirmation bias.
  19. I've had a lot of weird things like that happen to me.

    For example: one day I asked my friend what she had done the day before and right before she told me her answer popped into my head. It was weird because I had no way of knowing what she did. I laso get A LOT of deja vu. A little while after that I saw this episode of Through The Wormhole and it was very interesting... my favorite episode so far

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiFY-lmaKa4&feature=youtube_gdata_player]Through the Wormhole - 02x05 - Sixth Sense - YouTube[/ame]
  20. When people are in similar situations there gonna think similar things, this intensifies when said persons backgrounds are similar & goes even further when said people spend allot of time together.

    Way back when i was smoking with the same people every day it was a rare occasion when you could finish your own sentence. There's nothing magical going on, It shows that we are all far more common than most people believe.

    The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

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