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telepathy/psychic abilities whilst stoned :D

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thebirdmachine, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. #1 thebirdmachine, Oct 18, 2008
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    ok, so to put it bluntly me and my friend get psychic when we're stoned.

    and i'm not just talking like "ooh we knew what the other was thinking, creeeepy!"

    im talking, my god, i know this girl inside out, i know what shes thinking RIGHT now, i know what shes about to think, i know how high she feels exactly, i know EVERYTHING about her in this moment in time.

    it's fuckind WERID as ass but so so cool :D

    does anyone else get telepathic or psychic abilities when high?

    for the cynical:

    :) peace!


    me and my friend who i mentioned in the original post both got stoned and spoke to each other over msn. we began to chat about how we are sort of like nurses, caring for our friend who's been through a bit of an ordeal lately. then we began to imagine EXACTLY how we were like nurses, and i said to prove our psychicness, we should both draw a picture of what we imagine, at the same time.

    note: mine is in colour, and also we were nurses tending to our friend in different scenarios, if that makes sense. in my pic he's lying down, and in hers he's running away. but we both PURPOUSFULLY drew them this way, the main focus is on the nurses

    our nurses both had:

    wrinkles at the eyes
    crosses on the hats

    you're probably like wtf, thats not psychic. that's just dumb.

    but, look at the expressions. IDENTICAL EXPRESSIONS.

    yeah, look again. IDENTICAL LOL. if only i had our msn conversation to show you all, but the chat log hasn't saved it yet


  2. since u had those reputable medical sites how can i not believe u?
  3. meeeow!

    chill man. sarcasm is just anger.
  4. I want whatever the OP is smokin :smoke:
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  5. idk if its physic but i can hear like everything when im stoned stuff that i normaly dont

    ex. my friends randomly drop but and i was waiting for them ..... they were trying to surprise me.... i win stoned.:hello:
  6. I feel like I get massive deja vu and sometimes know what someone is gonna say before they say it, but thats about it. You really have to explore your high to increase psychic perception
  7. i actually think I'm with the OP on this one. haha. I'm pretty open minded to begin with and a lot of weird shit happens to me without Mary Jane. But add her to the mix, and I feel way more connected to my subconscious, and definitely more in tune with metaphysical shit.
  8. give this chick a fucking blunt :hello:
  9. hahahah me too

    that said, i totally believe in shit like this. we really know pretty much NOTHING about the universe and how it works, really...
  10. I guess you've never taken a chemistry class, huh?
  11. once me and my friend did that and we were in a trance for what seemed like forever. We couldnt move at all and our vision was all blury and we held a lonnnng ass conversation. but then we snapped out of it and realized we werent talking at all but we understood eachother. It was probably the craziest experience ive ever had
  12. Anybody banked the million yet?
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    I don't like talking about this because, well, even I think I'm nuts because of it, but I've inadvertently predicted, with surprising accuracy, a number of major events and innumerable minor ones.

    I never say to myself "Oh, ____ is going to happen" but a few times a week something simple happens, whether it be a song on the radio or a conversation I have, that I had thought of just hours before, and sometimes less than that.

    Major events have included George Harrison's death, 9/11, the plane crash in Rockaway, Queens on Veteran's Day in '01, and the Space Shuttle Columbia breaking up as it reentered the atmosphere. I had been on Ronald Reagan's Wikipedia entry the morning he died (before the news had been announced) and came home to find the page still up, and still saying he was alive until I hit reload; that was one of the few times I've had tangible proof of my odd coincidences, or whatever you want to call them.

    This might seem like a rather "cool" trait, but it's not. Any morbid, or less-than-happy thoughts about particular people in my life, usually while trying to fall asleep, result in a terrible paranoia and insomnia, because I worry that it might come true, even though anything I ever think I'm predicting rarely verify.

    Since I started smoking, the frequency of these has definitely increased. Prior to that the minor but frequent "predictions" rarely happened (as far as I can remember) but as I said it has now become a weekly-or-more occurrence.

    I don't enjoy it, I don't pride myself in it, but it's the truth. And if I hadn't just :smoke: I wouldn't be sharing
  14. i like this idea.. i mean comn we use wat? 10% of our brains and thats at like a genius level iq? we only use are right side.. i mean.. comn what would happen if we used more% when we are high? and it gives us a sense of other peoples brain waves ohh damn creepy =D
  16. #17 JointRolla, Oct 19, 2008
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    you do know that it has no evidence to support either cause? it doesnt say we DO or DONT use 10% .. but i just skimmed it..

    Also.. i just read it.. all it says is if the neurons are not used.. doesnt mean we use them 100% of the time..i mean it is a possibility and their is ZERO factual evidence in that website.. it just says little tad bits
  17. yeah, definately. we all have so much to learn

    i think he meant philisophically and mental things and stuff, not science.

    wow, that's mad. i get similar things, except we actually talk, but understand eachother completely. we always say "we understand" LOL

    wow, thanks for sharing. i can appriciate that must have been difficult for you. +rep man :smoke:
  18. #19 B.A.B.E., Oct 19, 2008
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    I feel as though I'm more "connected" when I'm high. If that makes any sense. Like I know when people are thinking about me. I don't know. . ., anything is possible.

    In super high me, they did a test. His abilities, increase seven-fold, out of 25. Still isn't too great, but much better compared when he was sober.

    Then again it really depends on the person. I have an open mind about this, and think there is some value in it.
  19. Hurrah! I know exactly what you mean :D

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