Tel Aviv to host 'Marijuana Day' on Saturday

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  1. By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent

    Health Minister Dan Naveh on Saturday will attend the "Marijuana Day" event in Tel Aviv, where he intends to give a speech outlining the dangers of drug use, Army Radio reported.

    The event will be celebrated as planned after the High Court rejected a petition by Al-Sam, a drug abuse prevention organization, seeking to cancel the program.

    Al-Sam demanded that police prevent the celebrations of "Marijuana Day," claiming the event will disrupt public order and will lead to drug abuse, while legitimizing the abuse of dangerous, illegal drugs."

    Al-Sam demanded that the Minister of Public Security, Tzachi Hanegbi, order the police to limit entry to the event for people over the age of 18. In the petition they also asked that the event be fenced in order to enable police to track the identity of all who enter, and for sniff dogs to be used to prevent anyone from introducing narcotics onto the event grounds. The group demanded that police shut down the event in case any drug offenses are sighted by police.

    Justices Yaacov Turkel, Eliahu Mazza and Asher Gronis said in their decision that Al-Sam knew of the event in advance and had sufficient time to petition the court, yet did so only 48 hours prior to the event. The justices added that they assume that the police will operate in a manner which will uphold law and order.

    MK Roman Bronfman (Yahad) who is supposed to speak at the event welcomed the decision and said that the event is legitimate and legal. "The court upheld the right of every adult citizen to make up his own mind on the matter," he said.

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