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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by I hate cops, May 19, 2006.

  1. Sup. I been smoking for a couple months. New at it. I've used a bong about 4 times, a bowl once and an ice bong once. I'm getting 3g's of Fine Bud tomorrow and I'm gonna try out the ice bong I made yesterday. I have low tolerance for this shit so I'm retarded which makes it fun to smoke with me. I smoked all those with my friend except for once. Then when I was goin to his house to get it grammed out, the cops arrested me for sitting on a curb. Lucky I had it concealed in an Axe can, or I'd be in jail right now. They threw away the can, throwing away my 3g's. Waste of money. My friend hooked me up with some seeds. I fucked up about 6 seeds :( Anyways...I guess you can ask me questions or whatever.
  2. Where do you live that you got arrested for sitting on a curb?
  3. Bensalem PA
  4. welcome to the city! :wave:
  5. welcome to the citie and could u tell me how u hid ur stuff in an axe can

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