teeth feel weak

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  1. I cant handle sweets when im high. My teeth scream in pain as soon as they touch it, it sucks.

    How can i make my teeth stronger? Good foods to eat? Tips on dental hygiene?
  2. cut down on sugar :) it is in many things you wouldnt think, and makes the body acidic
  3. Well that's what you've got pH buffers for, but you're right, sugar does contribute to loss of enamel, so cutting down on it might reduce his tooth pain.
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    Edit: I thought I would add something a bit useful.
    Agreed on the enamel thing. Sounds like you have a thin or degraded layer.
    I take it your teeth are also prone to being sore around cold or hot drinks?
    Does lemon juice get to your teeth too?
    That's another sign.
    You can buy certain toothpastes that help enamel and to protect the teeth from these feelings, they cost extra, but I would say they might be an idea for you.

    Another measure you can take if you're in a bit of pain, is getting some warm water and putting some cloves in there, maybe 20 in a cup. Doesn't taste good but should numb up your teeth and mouth as a temporary measure.

    Have you ever wondered how much gradual pressure you'd need to put against the front of a tooth, say with a finger or thumb, to start to snap it inwards?

    Do you think it would crack inwards slowly or all in one go just suddenly break off into your mouth?

    What about where the break would be, would it be on the exterior portion of the tooth or perhaps under the gum?

    If it broke off under the gum do you think the jagged part of the tooth that broke off would just rip through it?

    There would probably be veins connected.
  5. ^ im going to have nightmares about that post...

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