Teens, and now DEA, are on trail of hallucinogenic herb

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  1. Posted 6/22/2003 5:54 PM
    Updated 6/22/2003 10:37 PM

    Teens, and now DEA, are on trail of hallucinogenic herb

    By Donna Leinwand, USA TODAY

    WASHINGTON - Federal drug agents are so concerned about the growing use of a little-known and accessible herb with hallucinogenic qualities that they are taking steps to treat it like cocaine, heroin and LSD, and make it illegal.
    The herb is salvia divinorum, a type of sage native to the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range in Mexico and used by natural healers there. It can alter perception and induce visions when smoked or chewed.

    Salvia emerged in the USA about three years ago. Word spread on the Internet. And now, teenagers and young adults in search of mind-bending experiences are trying it.

    Its price ranges from $8.95 to $120 an ounce depending on potency. It is sold in "head shops," on the Internet and, in one St. Louis suburb, a record shop at a mall.

    In St. Peters, Mo., young teens were smoking salvia that they bought at the mall until January, when the Board of Aldermen banned its sale to those younger than 18.

    "It's not like this substance is overtaking the streets of America, but I could see it becoming a problem as it becomes more available," said Sgt. Rick Gerger, a detective in St. Peters.

    The Drug Enforcement Administration agrees and is collecting information about the herb's active ingredients as the first step toward seeking to have it declared an illegal controlled substance.

    "My main concern is that young people are buying something and taking something that we know almost nothing about," said Frank Sapienza, chief of the DEA's drug evaluation section.

    But the herb has its defenders, who say there is little information that points to addiction or side effects with its use.

    "I find it really bizarre that you can outlaw a plant," said Kim Upton, who runs the Starlight Goddess metaphysical store in Louisville. The store sells salvia. "Even nutmeg taken in large quantities will give you a bigger buzz than LSD."

    Daniel Siebert of Malibu, Calif., sells salvia on the Internet for as much as $120 an ounce. His buyers are "spiritual seekers," he said. They must acknowledge that they have read information on salvia and that they are at least 18. He encourages people who take it to have sober "sitters" who watch so users don't hurt themselves while hallucinating.

    Even so, he says the DEA is overreacting to salvia.

    "It could never become popular like marijuana or Ecstasy," Siebert said. "The effects are not desirable for recreational drug users. It's not something that is fun. It's more of an existential ordeal."

  2. I've tried Salvia several times from several sources.
    The result was the same each time.
    Nothing followed by an intense headach.

    I think the feds are listening too much to the adds that appear on those sites that sell it professing it's "powers".

    I'll stick with acid 'if' I want to go in that direction.

    For now my Herb is all I need .

  3. ive tried salivia afew times as well, and yeah, some types dont do shit for me... but others..... woah..

    i wanna see em outlaw nutmeg, cough syrup, spray paint, super glue, permanent markers, pvc/abs cement, acetone, gasoline, and the thousand other things that are easy as hell to come by and fuck your health like theres no tommorow...

  4. i hate this bullshit.
  5. lol ive also smoked salvia a couple times... its ok i guess!? Def. not worth the money. if anyone wants to have a "mind bending" experience... eat a 8th of shrooms. lol

    So... exactly how much nutmeg would u need to have a more fucked up trp then lsd? lol jp
  6. well all you have to do is get fresh nutmeg and grind it up yourself... you need a few grams then mix with water and drink lol waiting for 6 hours for it to start sucks though :wave: lol
  7. Don't underestimate salvia.... that shit put me in another world.
  8. you prob had 10x or higher extract

    salvia is shit unless its 10x or higher extract, then you go into another world..

    try hittin 40x extract for your first salvia experience.. it was intense.
  9. hazed thats false information... some people can trip easily on just leaf... that doesnt make it "shit" as you so adequately put it.
  10. Fuck tha pOlice! Always trying to bring a man down!
  11. It's like they don't want us to have fun just out of principle... for no reason. I mean, why is theri arbitrary first action to the discovery of anything new to try and make it illegal?
  12. This is no lie. My first time doing it I took one hard rip out of my glass bong, cashed the bowl... and wow I was gone...
  13. control is always a cash cow
  14. what next? everything illegal that is fun or not known for side effects? lets bann tv and everything. and bann me having fun.. no more fun for you!!! Banned :)

  15. Yes! You see, when you ban something, you have to hire people to enforce it. You have to hire people to make tests for it. You have to hire people to build and maintain and guard the jails. You have to hire judges and lawyers.

    So don't you see? Fun should be illegal because then it's good for the economy. Silly hippies.
  16. Everybody, it would be pretty smart and economical to order those salvia clones off the net before it's too late. It would be VERY hard to find when illegal.

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