Teenagers killed boy over drug debt..

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  1. The worlds getting pretty fu*ked up :(

    By Ananova

    Two teenage boys have been convicted of stabbing a boy to death at his school gates as he celebrated finishing an exam.

    The Old Bailey judge warned the pair they faced being detained at Her Majesty's pleasure.

    Abdul Maye, 15, was attacked by the pair, then aged 16 and 14, with knives. They claimed that he owed them £10 for cannabis.

    The elder boy - who is also facing deportation - wept after the jury found them guilty of murder.

    Judge Paul Focke adjourned sentence until September 30 for further psychological and probation service reports.

    But the judge warned: "I must make it plain I can only pass one sentence of detention during Her Majesty's pleasure, so no-one is unaware of it."

    Neither boy can be named at present because of his age.

    The youths, now aged 16 and 15, denied murdering Abdul in east London on December 7 last year.

    Miss Edwards said the youths did not go to the same school as Abdul, but were frequently seen hanging around, and had been into the playground and youth centre to threaten him.

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    27/08/02 15:25
  2. my boy p was shot like a month ago...he was 19, and looking at COLLEGE
    this dude was real, instead of playing on the varcity team he worked THREE jobs to pay the fucking bills.
    and you know what? looking at college, this dude was gonna graduate after handing in the senior paper....he worked all year on it and he fuckin FINISHED it.
    he FINISHED IT and he was so damn proud.
    he brought it everywhere he went and showed people
    and some motherfucker killed him
    a little 16 year old lowlife.
    you're right about that fucked up world...most def!!!

    the irony is...the little 16 year old lowlife's cousin is like best friends with the dude that was shot. i mean, this is just a daily thing in this FUCKED UP world.
    ever hear of family? family is fucked up because they are fighting EACHOTHER its time to unite
    damn this shit got me really worked up, thinking about this shit again
    i gotta find some bud

  3. i forgot to mention, he didnt even owe these dudes money (one guy shot him, but it was 2 with him...3 all together)
    not any $10 for drugs, and the dudes didnt even take his chain or clothes or nothing...just shot him like he was nothing and dipped.
    didn't gain a bloody thing
    fuck this, i'm most definately robbing some dude cause i am DRY
  4. I'm sorry man, theres nothing more I can possibly say to give you anymore sort of comfort.. People dont seem to see the sanctity (sp) of life.. I'm sorry you lost your 'bro, the individual who shot him will get his dues in time..
  5. It's not about the drugs ,but more the cause of currently accepted levels of display of rage.

    The world in general is becoming more rather than less violent.

    Gun control has done nothing to stem these increases world wide.

    There is a time for peace and understanding that is way past due.

    People laugh to themselves when they think of the pacifist "flowerchildren" of a past generation.

    Perhaps instead of laughing at them folks should have listened.

    I feel your pain.
  6. It is funny how people look down on those who just preach peace. Who cares if they do music and clothes different than the status quo? peace is peace.

    A guy in my drumline thinks violence is just the answer to everything. He's all about killing arabs, and I try to tell him that no man is justified to end the life of another. Not when he rapes your mother and shoots her with and automatic shotgun. There's still no justification. We all need to lvoe one another.
  7. at p's funeral they handed out purple ribbons..
    it's a symbol of peace, and the colour represents honor
    like you know...a army hero with a purple heart..
    everyone wants a peaceful solution, and courage to be strong AND NOT SEEK REVENGE OR RETALIATION IN HIS NAME!!
    i think that is nice, because it is like...alot of people want to go and shoot them motherfuckers (pardon my french) but if they do that, they just diminish perry's memory and what he stood for.
    so yeah, peace is good and people understand that...but adrenaline often contributes to it.
    because you dont think clearly, alot of times people that kill someone regrets it later.
    but it's that adrenaline man, you do that shit without thinking and you're all worked up and shit.
    well, just... you know, showing that people do love peace, even if they live by the gun (the people wearing ribbons were also carrying heat) Yes, there is irony there, but it's still nice to know that peace is preffered by many :)

    sorry, i edited my smile face :-D

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