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Teenage girl 'has X-ray vision'

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Updated 15 January 2004, 15.14 Source:

    Scientists in Russia are baffled by a girl who apparently has X-ray vision and can see inside human bodies.
    Reports say 16-year-old Natalia Demkina has been tested by doctors at the children's hospital in Saransk and they can't explain her strange talent.

    Natalia, who can describe the inside of bodies in detail, said she was pleased the doctors didn't think she was lying.

    But she claims to be worried "that they might be hiding something from me about why I can see through objects".

    Spooky talent!

    Natalia's apparent spooky talent has caught the imagination of the Russian public.

    Her mother, Tatiana Vladimirovna, said: "I knew she was a talented girl. When she started to claim she sees through things, that worried me."
  2. that's awesome...I wonder how she sees the outside of things though
  3. ^^ lol!! good point :D

    that would suck..
  4. some proof would be nice, cause ya know I can see through walls...
  5. that'd be weird, does that mean u couldnt like watch tv or come on grasscity?!
  6. Remind me not to play any poker with that chick!
  7. and she'd never have any incentive to play strip poker. she could already see YOU naked and could cheat anyhow.
  8. Wow a russian girl kknows anatomy it sounds pretty unamazing to me but i guess i'm a born skeptic.
  9. she must have been born near Chernobyl, hehe

  10. Wow, you must really have stml ;)
  11. I have stml... at least I think I do...?....
  12. I'm not buying it.

  13. and i imagine she's not selling it!

    that would be a great thing to have, pity about not being able to sleep, if she really had x-ray vision, unless she slepps with her eyes open!

    Peace out......Sid
  14. That is freaking crazy.
  15. ahhhh bomb russia now.

    anyways thats a pretty AMAZING mutation if it indeed is true. u'd have to change the whole structure of the eye and related areas of the brain. i doubt it.
  16. its impossible... no way.. think about it, a human eye being able to see through stuff. And shes 16?? so... the past 15 or so years she hasnt said anything about it, untill now? Give me a break, x-ray eyes... right
  17. sure she can see inside someones body, but what would she see? no light gets in the human body, at least not in the abdomen, brain, arms, legs, hands, and feet. so shed see a whole lot of black. maybe she just has a blind spot on her eye.
  18. or maybe she took too much acid.

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