Teen trades unlocked iphone for a Nissan 350z

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Wow, who woulda thought all this kids nerdiness would pay off. 3 more iphones and a 350Z sure pays off in my books.


    The iPhone has been perhaps the most hyped tech gadget of 2007, and a 17 year-old from New Jersey recently achieved fame by being the first to "unlock" the Apple device. George Hotz, who many are referring to as the new "DVD John," rigged the $599 iPhone to operate on any network with any SIM card. For his epic hack, Hotz was given a free Nissan 350Z and three 8 GB iPhones. All he had to do was hand over the compromised handset to Terry Daidone, owner of phone refurbisher and aftermarket parts maker CertiCell. Not bad for a kid that hasn't even started his first day of college.
    A bad-ass 350Z is definitely a hell of a deal in a trade for a phone that costs a mere $499-$599. If Hotz doesn't get into legal trouble for his work, we think the brilliant teenager will likely get a killer job with a tech company well before he finishes college... right about the time he gets his third speeding ticket.

  2. I bet all the asians are standing there in awe...
  3. Knowledge goes a long way.
  4. I'm suprised it took them this long. Too bad iPhones a piece of crap. I'd rather have a Treo 700 or a windows mobile phone. I'm drooling over the new linux phones (Matter fact... Access Linux Platform looks almost like iPhone) but those are a wet dream, I could never get one of those :(

    Kudo's though, i'm sure it was some tough work. Also fuck a 350Z those cars suck... A tricked out 300ZX would have been tits.
  5. Awesome, I'd say thats a fair trade, although I wouldn't pay over $300 for ANY phone.
  6. Too bad common sense passed him by... he sold potentially millions or billions of dollars of informations for a cheap sports car. Smart, but no capitalist.

    I'd be contacting Apple with that information seeing if they want to out-bid me before I put the technology up for sale. Not the damn phone.
  7. Wow, what a shitty pick too. I mean come on, a 350Z???? Sure they're nice, but if you had one choice.....nope.
  8. I would've bought a lb of some BOMB, and then put the rest in the bank.
  9. lol! .
  10. p.s fuck apple.
  11. Anyone know how apple companies stand on all this? There not shit they can do right? It's 100% legal to unlock a phone....I'm guessing..?

  12. exactly what im thinkin....at least a new black caddy STS or something
  13. I would have traded it for cash, and nothing else :p
  14. he probably just wanted to get whatever he could as fast as possible before anybody else figured out how to do it too.
  15. i would have called all the cell phone companies and have them bid on it.
  16. he should give an iphone to some girl for sex lol..
  17. alright he got a 350z and some iphones but imagine the millions the guy he gave it to will get.

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