Teen 'confesses' to Sasser worm

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, May 8, 2004.

  1. Teen 'confesses' to Sasser worm

    The Sasser worm infects computers via the internet
    An 18-year-old German high school student has admitted creating the Sasser internet worm, police say.
    The worm spread through an estimated 18 million computers across the world last week, continually shutting down and rebooting them.

    The teenager was arrested on Friday in the town of Rotenburg in northern Germany, and has now been released.

    Investigators seized a number of computers and disks from his home. It is understood he was working alone.

    The teenager's identity has not been released, though the German weekly Der Spiegel reported that the CIA and FBI had joined the search for a suspect known as Sven J.

    German prosecutors have scheduled a news conference for later on Saturday.

    Spread quickly

    The Sasser worm quickly spread worldwide after its first appearance on 1 May.

    Some businesses were forced to shut temporarily so they could clear their systems and update anti-virus protection.

    Hospitals, banks, airlines, government agencies and many home users were affected.

    The worm attacks recent versions of Microsoft's Windows operating systems - Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.

    Experts say it apparently does no lasting harm.

    But although the worst of the outbreak is over, it is thought the worm will never entirely disappear, and that future versions may be far more damaging.
  2. That guy's a jerk. :mad:
  3. Why is he a jerk?

  4. For making the worm at all. He needs a better hobby.
  5. Why? Making virii takes dedicated and skilled work.Its an art of brilliance and high intelligence.(Not counting the cookie cutter type virii progs. found these days)Besides if no one fed noise into the system why would we even need cops,the concept of good and bad or anything for that matter.
  6. I'm not denying that it takes skilled work, but I doubt you'd be saying the same thing if you got the worm yourself.

    Creating websites is skilled work too, but nobody has to shut down business because of it.
  7. Without Virii no one would improve operating systems.The same things virii exploit can be used to do much more malicious things.Most virii programmers usually have harmless fun causing no lasting or major damage.They could do FAR worse things with virii if they meant real harm.

    A) I extremely extremely extremely rarely get virii.

    B) Im skilled with comps so it's no trouble for me to remove virii even stubborn ones.

    It takes me so little time to remove virii or fix comps in general that Im not one bit bothered by virii.What does bother me however are people who commit real comp crimes like stealing money or deceiving people to gain money from them and businesses who dont deliver goods and etc.

    Although I suppose for the average comp user it could be frustrating if they dont understand comps well.

    If there is ever a time when we don't need police to keep things in check,we have lost all liberties and freedom that we have strived so hard to obtain.
  8. if the pluaral of virus is virii would the pluaral of panda be pandii?
  9. lmao uh no... words ending in us like virus,cactus or octopus end in either i or ii when pluralized.Normally in most us ending words the us is just switched to a single i.Panda which is short for Panda Bear ends in r and r ending words have an s added when pluralized.A ending words like panda or banana get an s added when plural.In short no other words besides us ending words tend to be pluralized by replacing the us with i or ii.
  10. pandii still sounds cooler
  11. (pats sugarcron on the head) ok you do that roflmao

  12. except for virus, its viruses...look at the dictionary

  13. ^there are viruses that track everything you type, gaining passwords to accounts, credit cards, etc.
  14. Look at it this way, if people didnt write virii than people like my dad wouldn't be getting paid.
  15. Exactly its balance.Just as you cant have life without death.

    And btw the dictionary isnt the end be all of language.OCTOPUSES is listed even though its OCTOPI.Just as imaginary words like supercalifragilisticexpialadocious are found in some dictionaries.BTW it depends what dictionary you use.The average dictionary lacks MANY of the words that are included in a college dictionary.No dictionary contains every single word either that I know of.Also CACTUSES is in the dictionary although the correct term is CACTI.The point is the dictionary is only a reflection of the words we commonly use.Even ones we make up and become cultural icons.

    And tehpottestmofi0 one more thing define what computer virii are...because what you named is NOT even close to virii, its not even malicious.Its a benign program in and of itself.What isnt benign is how it can be used but thats no different from someone using a knife to kill instead of cutting food.Tools are weapons and weapons are tools.

    A malicious program would be something like an executable or (.EXE for short) that when run destroys something well for example it could erase or format the C drive.Thats a malicious program.

    But malicious programs and virii are far different.Virii are denoted by their behaviour.Just as real virii,computer virii when introduced into an enviroment they adapt and alter information or seek to destroy or harm and replicate themselves.One example is the numerous forms of internet worms.They originate from the person who unleashes to another comp then each comp those comps come in contact with can catch it and pass it to other comps and so on and within a day or so you have an epidemic.

    A malicious program never seeks to replicate.Virii always seek to spread and replicate.
  16. The following was taken from http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1105-5203791.html
    May 3, 2004

    "The security researchers at eEye Digital Security are not impressed with the Sasser worm.
    The company, which found the flaws that were exploited by both the MSBlast worm and the Witty worm, on Saturday started analyzing the latest piece of attack code that takes advantage of a Microsoft Windows vulnerability discovered by its researchers. So far, eEye's analysts are surprised that the worm has spread so far.

    "It's so poorly written," said Marc Maiffret, chief hacking officer for the Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based company. "This could still have a lot of impact, but it's written by someone that could barely get the code working."

    What ever he gets as punishment will be well deserved!
  17. the plural of "virus" isn't virii, it's viruses. Trust me on this one.

  18. Ya thats y it is ok to murder someone. You know i mean of course only if they have it well planned out and they dedicate alot of time into it you know maybe carve some designs in their body with a knife or suttin (takes skill to draw some good ones) and then hey the cops can go get the murderer and take him to jail and then everyones happy right??

    at least that wasnt that bad of a virus.
  19. I must admit tho i wanna learn some things to fuck with people. Like turn their computer screen upside down and just lil shit like that. Do ne of you know how? I know it has suttin to do with MS-DOS.
  20. bah, i personally think virusmakers should be punished like other criminals are punished, say a fraud that costs a company 10 million dollars, the guy who does this fraud gets a long time in jail, but when some nerd destroys work worh 10 million dollars, its a good thing?

    feck him up his stopid ass, let him rot in jail , and we are rid another destruktive nerd dumbazz.

    virusmakers are doing it intentionally, thats why they should be punished thereafter.

    if they were costing sosiety just smallbucks sure it would be cute, but when it is costing millions, its time to set some standards.

    another fun way of seeing it:

    i run around with a screwdriver, scratching paint on cars, each car costs 400$ to repair, and i scrach 1000 cars.

    what would my punishment be if the cops catch me?

    so what is the difference?

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