Teen burns himself copying MTV 'Jackass' stunt

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Superjoint, Nov 12, 2002.

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  1. Mon Nov 11,10:09 PM ET

    SEATTLE (Reuters) - A 15-year-old Washington state boy suffered serious burns when he set himself on fire trying to re-enact a stunt from MTV\'s controversial show \"Jackass,\" police said Monday.

    The boy from the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Washington, soaked his shirt in rubbing alcohol late Friday and ignited it while his friends stood by with a video camera shooting footage they planned to sell, police and local media reported.

    After suffering first-degree burns over his face and upper body, the teen-ager initially told police that someone had set his clothes on fire while he walked on a trail after attending a high school football game in Issaquah, Washington, police said.

    But police later recovered a backpack containing an alcohol-soaked T-shirt, lighter fluid and a video camera.

    \"The stunt obviously went very wrong,\" Issaquah police said in a statement, adding that the boy could face obstruction of justice charges for lying about the incident, requiring extra police work.

    The \"Jackass\" show depicting outrageous and dangerous stunts by paid actors aired on Viacom Inc.\'s youth-oriented MTV in 2000 and 2001 and then was canceled. But a movie version opened in theaters three weeks ago and has raked in $53.3 million at the box office.

    The movie includes the following disclaimer: \"The stunts in this movie were performed by professionals, so, neither you nor your dumb buddies should attempt anything from this movie.\"

    \"We\'re sorry when anybody gets hurt; however, nothing like this incident described ever aired on the show or in the movie,\" said an MTV spokeswoman.

    In 2001, \"Jackass\" star Johnny Knoxville (news) donned a fireproof suit covered in steaks and was set on fire to become a human barbecue. A teen-ager who tried to duplicate the stunt was hospitalized with severe burns.

    Injuries allegedly tied to \"Jackass\" or young imitators have sparked several lawsuits against MTV and Viacom.

    Last month, a California woman sued claiming she suffered spine and knee injuries when a \"Jackass\" cast member knocked her over after slamming himself into a lectern on a stage in a stunt filmed for a similar pilot program that never aired.

  2. well what kind of jackass would try to copy that kind of stunt! unreal. it\'s a show people! just a show. watch. only watch.
  3. He wasn\'t a jackass. He was a dumbass.

  4. no...watch and LAUGH HYSTERICALLY!

    but don\'t be a tard...geez...setting yourself on FIRE???!!! DUH, FIRE BURNS, OW, OW......sizzle sizzle....cringe

    Does the term FIRE PROOF mean anything to you kid- as in FIRE PROOF SUIT!!! FOR FECK\'S SAKE! Does he think that they ACTUALLY set themselves on fire? if you wanna try something like this then you would think that you have to at least fucking do some background reading on HOW IT\'S DONE!!! I bet he thinks actors are really shot with real bullets in films doesn\'t he!!!
  6. AT this years home coming assembly we got disqualified because each class does skits and ours was Jackass and these three kids chugged a shit looad of milk and started puking all over the place and drinking more milk and puke and milk got everywhere. Also this kid dressed up in full football padding and this huge fucking kid thats gonna play for the seahawks (he must weigh about 300 pounds) got a running start and rammed the shopping cart full speed and the other kid went flying across the fucking gym. Funny shit but the faculty and administration didn\'t appreciate it too much.
  7. culling of the weak and stupid, if he wants to burn let him, one less idiot on the road ways.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    what a nice person you are...
  9. I will never understand how some people have no damn common sense!!
  10. i am nice enough to let some fucko kill himself if he wants, it would be a compleatly different story if someone else lit him on fire, i would be the first person to be there trying to help him out. i think if someone is stupid enough to soak his shirt in rubbing alcohol and light himself on fire, he deserves what he gets, at least that way he is less likely to hurt someone else.
  11. funny stuff man, funny stuff.
  12. i\'ve set my hand (not clothes) on fire before for laughs... but i used hairspray which burns very quickly (due to smaller alchohol amounts) AND i had people standing by with water incase i felt anything starting to burn... lmao... what kind of idiot would set himself on fire without fire retardant clothing???

    i had an idea for a jackass type deal to be done incase of heavy snow fall... i wanted to build a fairly large snow ramp at a curve on a road by where i live... have someone who can drive go fairly fast while a person in the tube holds on to a decently long rope attached to the rear bumper... get the car going about 20mph (more or less depending on how tight the person in the tubes balls are screwed on)... as the person in the tube gets lined up with the ramp he lets go, the car turns away, and the tubed person goes flying through the air :D

    we tried it on my bike... but it kept slipping :(
  13. One of my dads good childhood friends died that way.
  14. sorry to hear that :( i saw someone get hurt pretty badly jumping a snow ramp going down a hill on a tube... she landed weird and messed up her back... a ramp i jumped no more than 5 minuted before. kind of scary how that works out.
  15. ive seen guys do that with a pick up and a snow board....on an ice coverd parking lot up a 20 ft hill made by the plow....

    they where geting some serious air....

    as for the dumbasses lighting themselves on fire ....i too say they get what they desirve...

    if you are that dumb ...than you get fucking burnt!
  16. For some really stupid acts of self-annihilation goto www.darwinawards.com

    My favourite is the idiot who tried to test the \"safe\" distance for firing a gun at a propane tank :)
  17. thats a good site
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