Tee Pee supports

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  1. im looking into making these for tomatoes and was wondering if anyone has used them for Cannabis? Seems that they would be good camo as well when scattered thru the garden.
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  2. Oh Hell yea. I've heard of those tee-pees for tomatoes. Either buying them or making them. I would imagine it would work ok for cannabis too.

    Tee-Pee Marijuana Growing Technique - Kyle Kushman | Expert Medical Marijuana Grower & Medical Marijuana Nutrients

    Without even securing/tying, I would think since you got 3+ posts around the plant, the branches are going to lean up against at least 2 (more likely all 3 or 4) which will support the plant.

    Curious to know how it works out. I think good idea to try. I tend to just use 1 or 2 small bamboo stakes or even a fallen branch thats strong/narrow, if one is around to help prop them up, if need be.
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