Teds first grow(orange bud,afghan kush ryder)

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  1. hello gc,
    i`ve been doing a lot of reading thru your forums the last few days and picked up lots of good info.
    Theres some nice grows there and some clever stealth grows:eek:

    I know a chap TED whos doing his first closet grow at the mo and thought i`d share some info and pics

    He has 2 Orange bud and 1 Afghan kush ryder.there about 3.5 weeks into veg from seed under 125W cfl.
    The closet is about 1x2x4 feet high
    For soil he`s using BIOBIZ allmix and Sensi Grow/Bloom for nutes.

    There is no fan yet but there is light proof vent holes and temps are not much of a problem at the mo.
    could any1 shed some light on how to wire pc fan for a vent:confused:

    well here they are as seedlings
    ted kep 3 off some where else for a seperate grow.:cool:

    here they are a wee in from transplant and in their new space doin well

    the plants were flying along

    here they are 2 weeks later.there on a 18/6 cycle but teds timer is banjo`d so hes switchin `them on and off himself when he remembers:smoking:ha

  2. they have been veggin foe about 3.5 weeks now and the little afghan ryder you see in the bottom of the pic is starting to flower but the 2 orange bud are nowhere near flowering yet:mad:i`ve been told its an auto flower in plant so ted might just let it do its thin on the 18/6 cycle for another couple of weeks..

    but there`s a problom can any1 tell ted if this low ryder is a male plant he just noticed these tonight
    this is bad news ,aint it

    ted would realy raelly appreciate any help you van giv him[​IMG]
  3. here`s the other 2 orange bud that are doing great:D
  4. looks female to me . Or possibly hermie but i dont think so.. lookin good! :)
  5. thanks mouth-water.

    any more opiinion`s ? really have to find out if its maleor female before it ruins the other plants:confused:
  6. bumpty bump,
    can aneone please confirm ifthe kush ryder is male or female:confused:
    realy dont wanna leave it till its too late
  7. It's female.
  8. WOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Thanks 3lit3

    do you thing he should leave it on 18/6 till the orange bud catch up or just switch the lot of them onto 12/12
  9. "It's a GIRL":hello:
  10. run it 18 /6 for about another week or 2 , unless your limited on hight in flower room

  11. When they form pre-flowers like that it's the plants way of telling you that it's time to go to 12/12. I agree with what the guy above me said, maybe veg another week then switch em all over to 12/12.
  12. thats made my day,
    ive only about 3 inches from the tip of my lights :eek: so i dont know what to do
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    just thought i`d put up some progress pics and one of the grow space

    the space is getting very tight with the leaves leaning up against the side walls
    can any give ne advice on pruning or is bending a better option?

    check out the pics and let me know what ye think

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    and a couple more.
    theres onlt been 1 problem 1 or 2 if the leaves are after deforming,is this common??
    any help eould be greatly appreciated:)
    thanks for lookin


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