Tedious Tasks and 40 degree nights.

Discussion in 'General' started by nushaganazad, May 17, 2006.

  1. Well guys, i have my grow goin on in my room right now, but the plants are getting a little to big for my window shelf that they have been sitting on, they arent getting the right light to grow. SOOOO every morning i wake up at 530, and take all the plants in ther pots out my window and climb onto my roof and put them on the roof, then at night i take them back down and put them back in my room. Im getting very sick of carrying 10 pots in and out of my room back n forth, and i was curious, is it alright for weed to be growing outside, when its 40-50 out at night, and 60-80 during the day. It is supposed to rain today as well. is it alright for me to make a permenant grow on my roof without my plants dieing???

    ...security is not a problem, my mom knows im growing(we havent discussed it, but she has found my plants, and not mentioned it to me) and i live in the middle of no where and my roof cant be seen from the road, or driveway, or anywhere unless ur on the roof lol.
  2. Wow that must suck. I dont really know shit about growing, but I hope you're plants turn out well. IDK i'd suppose 40deg is too cold for them no?
    BTW this should go in the growing section man.
  3. yup, i have a very bad problem with the growing forum haha, i thought this post was in there, just realized its not, and i did the same thing a few days ago with a germination question.

    BUT i know that people have grows in the woods about now. Im just wondering if its tooo cold, cause if its not, i plan on putting about 50 more plants up there.

  4. Well thats not to say they have GOOD grows in the woods...
    But srsly, idk shit about growing, I just feel like typing because im wired :D
  5. its the adderall haha, i understand lol. jk jk

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