Technological Singularity.

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  1. I know a topic like this would be more in the General section of GC, but me as a spiritual person, a curious person since I was child, and have always been interested in the mind, I couldn't help but think about the world. The world of singularity. So many scientists are claiming that this will inevitably happen. A time where computers will achieve greater thinking power than the human brain. Will be "mentally" stronger than the people who created them. Kind of a Frankenstein of reality. A lot of this is speculated to occur around the 2040's. I'll be in my 50's by then. With the hope of medicine and technology(ironically), 50 will be the new 40.

    That being said, as for the spiritual side. My personal belief is that, as humans, we have yet to achieve the full potential of our brain. Something that I feel is deeper than what science claims it to be. Well, in fact, we know quite a bit the brain, but we don't know fully of how it works, etc, etc. Theories like the pineal gland and natural produce DMT(I know this drug cannot be discussed in the forums, but im using it as a reference as part of our bodies), have yet to be defined, and by Hashem, who knows what can be deeper!

    One of the predictions of the singularity is to have our conscientiousness, memories, thoughts, everything of our brain to be copied to digital files. I'll post some links below of this. We as humans have yet to discover the full potential of our brains, and now we want to put our precious conscience into machines! This is absurd in my opinion. Maybe to a point, technology might help, but artificial material, IMO, will never benefit us as in gaining full potential of our brain and conscience. I just can't imagine putting my brain into a digital file and being immortal in that way, or being transformed into an artificial body.

    These are my thoughts. What is your opinion of the future of our humanity? and this Technological singularity...

    Links: [ame=]Could We Transport Our Consciousness Into Robots? - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Come on? No one is interested?
  3. I've thought about this before. As technology becomes so advanced, what will happen to us? If we are to believe that our qualities as humans have emerged through evolution, what will happen when technology completely takes over?

    By this, I mean, well...take some of our basic desires as examples. Sex, social interaction, etc. There's a reason why we desire these things. Sex-for reproduction of course. Social interaction-because we have a better chance of survival if we live in groups.

    But one day, if we are able to transfer our consciousness into the digital world, there will be no need for sex or social interaction, or family or education...or anything. There will be no need for our human emotions, our instincts, our desires.

    I guess I just see us as a conscious singularity that does nothing other aware.
  4. Its not gonna happen I dont think, a lot of people disagree about its possibility or time frame. Its totally based on the belief a transister is equal to a neuron, and that the brain works like a computer, and that, though counter intuitive, may not be the case.

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