Technological Singularity vs Zoological History

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    The acceleration in technological development has so far been most successfully conveyed to the general public by Ray Kurzweil - especially in his 2005 book 'The singularity is near.' I have began a blog that presents a novel viewpoint. One that weaves different historical threads into a coherent picture. Please check out my first blog post and then reply to this forum

    Zoological History

    For my first post, I demonstrated that there are many points in history, that fall onto a trajectory with accelerative growth in complexity starting around 550 million years ago with the emergence of a centralized nervous system. The most recent communication revolution on this trajectory is the World Wide Web and the next one is due around 2043 - around the same date that Ray Kurzweil has suggested, an event he has termed, the technological singularity will occur.


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