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  1. Im trying to put together a list of the best techno songs i can find for my techno themed school dance. Here is what i have so far.

    -welcome to rainbow
    -boten anna
    -fest folk
    -trance up

    -the wave
    -exploration of space
    -trance energy
    -melt to the ocean

    -harder, better, faster, stronger
    -around the world

    -fuck sandstorm dont play it
    -feel the beat

    DJ TIESTO (best)
    -Forbidden Paradise
    -adagio for strings
    -elements of life

    INFECTED MUSHROOM (<-very good)
    -I wish
    -becoming insane
    -cities of the future
    -mushi mushi
    -converting vegetarians

    -The bubbles- Bidibodi Bidibu
    -Motorcycle- As the rush comes
    -zombie nation- kernkraft400\
    -Balkan Beat Box- Serbian House mix kolo
    -orbital- halycon
    -Benny Bennasi- satisfaction
    -Eric Prydz-Call on me
    -cicada- The things you say(dirty south remix)
    -ian van dahl- castles in the sky
    -Lautsprecher-omnibus (this is what darude stole his beats from for sandstorm and its a much better song)
    -(some sort of imperial march remix - there are alot of them around)

    if you guys have anything to add plz post your fav songs
  2. everything by sasha. see airdrawndagger
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    Disfuntional L-O-V-E by doc martin

    Bes' entertainment by mark farina

    Psycho Jingle Funk by Rithma

    and maybe this song

    [ame=""]YouTube - THIS IS TECHNO!![/ame]
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    First off, very nice list - so far! :) Here are some additions..

    DISCO MUSHROOMS - Infected Mushroom
    Nothing But You - Paul Van Dyk
    DJ Play My Favorite Song - Galaxy 68
    Voyager - Daft Punk
    Somesing Remix, The Sound - BassNectar
    1969 - Boards of Canada
    Don't Stop - ATB
    Techno Tetris, Windowlicker - Aphex Twin
    Sound of Nature, In the Dark, Requiem For A Dream - DJ Tiesto *Elements of Life is a sick fucking song!
    Insomnia - Faithless
    Storm Returns - Prefuse 73

    There are many more! I'll definitely be adding on to this. Should be stickied really!
  5. ^^^^^^non of this is techno... That's like calling Blink 182 heavy medal

    Style of Eye
    Jeff Mills
    808 State
    Frankie Knuckles
    Crystal Castles
    Richie Hawtin...
    This is techno. Cold. Simple. Clean. Techno:smoke:
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    i understand its not the best techno but i thought i would pick some that is more friendly to non techno listeners. Not to mention alot of the stuff you suggested would never fly in a dancing situation. At least not with the ppl @ my school.
  7. I got sum crazy techno 4 ya dance. Links in my sig.

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