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  1. Aight I'm trying to make a mix cd. I don't know a lot about techno or electronica or all the different subgenres, but I'm looking for some slower techno, things like Groove Armada - Inside my mind (Blue Skies) and Telepopmusik - Breathe. I have some other faster techno music, but I'm not sure what to look into for the slower stuff. Could any of y'all help me out?
  2. the first place of call has to be Boards of canada. no doubt about it.

    the last song on Moby's album Play. i forget what its called... my weakness i think maybe.

    Aphex Twin (Richard D James) has done two excellent ambient albums. even the stuff on melodies from mars might be what you're looking for.

    how about the old masters... Kraftwerk. some of their tunes have the right kinda ambience you'll be looking for.

    Radioheads kidA and Amnesiac r well cool.

    badly drawn boy
    Beta Band
    & Mercury rev
    are three slightly less techno/electronica, but still convey the same kinda vibe that i think you're looking for.

    if you think you can handle it... Autechre. the masters of dry beep.

    Nightmares on Wax
    Anti-Pop Consortium
    Two Lone Swordsmen ... a bit more drum and base perhaps
    Red Snapper... there are a few tunes that are a bit more ambient... try looking for Alaska Street, a new fave of mine
    Dave Dresden

    that should be enough to get you started.

    but remember... Boards of canada. ;)
  3. don't forget....

  4. Thanks guys (especially Digit) I'm gonna download some of that stuff. This cd is for, we'l call it, spirited driving down this one road and other random driving. I find that when I get good calm music I push harder and have more control than with other music that ends up getting me more tense. Anyways, I'm stoned and rambling KaZaA!
  5. Björk - all is full of love,

    Venetian snares (Not so slow but I just want everyone of you to hear them......)


    Delerium - spheres (the whole album is full of gems.)
  7. Boards of Canada is definitely cool...

    i am listening to hardcore vibes by dune right now, and it's pretty cool stuff, now i am going to listen to phantom of the opera techno remix...i'm totally freakin' out, dudes!
  8. wow.

    you're too amazing. even your taste (& knowledge aparantly) in music is better than mine! :D
  9. YOU are amazing, my can write songs ;)
  10. ability is one thing.. but to be good.... tis another.
    and besides...

    you have knowledge i crave.
    you win, i loose. game over. :p

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