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    I can't seem to find a thread like this for some reason!

    Post some good songs, I need more to zone out to :p

    I recently discovered Blackout Crew - Put a Donk On It, which I've been pretty addicted to.

    Anything by DeadMau5, anything by Benassi, anything by Justice... more when I can think of them :p.

    [ame=""]Blackout Crew - Put a Donk On It[/ame][ame=""]DeadMau5 - Ghosts N Stuff[/ame]
    [ame=""]Justice vs Simian - We are Your Friends[/ame][ame=""]Benny Benassi - I Am Not Drunk[/ame]
  2. nice music u got posted black hole bonus
  3. Hmm theres ALOT of different types of electronic music, but heres some of my favorite artists:

    The Bloody Beetroots
    Booka Shade
    Oliver Huntemann
    Felix Cartal
    Lee Burridge

    And specific songs from artists I like:

    Mars, by Fake Blood
    Head Trick, by Santiago & Bushido
    Nic Nag, by Sound of Stereo
    Who's Afraid of Detroit, by Claude VonStroke
    72 Virgins, by Shitdisco

    Thats some of my favorite stuff. Check it out, and its all pretty unknown stuff, meaning you wont find half of it on limewire and such, so if you cant find it on limewire try googling the artist + song name + blogspot, a trick a friend showed me to find unknown music.

    Hope you guys like that stuff.

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