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techniques to keep animals away from plants

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by inspiron, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. hey im thinkin of plantin outdoors but there are alot of animals where the plants will be any ways to keep them from eating or ruining my plants?? any info is good thx
  2. use chicken wire, then get some deer urine and that keeps any animal away....and just plant away from trees or something that an animal would live in
  3. saw it in a movie once... use your trimmed hair from when u get a haircut... seems like itd work lol
  4. nah man, hunting section at kmart, walmart etc. WILL have wolverine piss. i hear that it sticks around an area for a WHILE. other than that i just have my dog go with me and do its business. chicken wire is also pretty good, just a little bit. not too much becouse it can be slightly sketchy.
  5. Id just use my pubs instead. That way you can use hair so much more often without it affecting the way your head looks..:cool:
  6. tomatoe cages work well in well hid areas that and various sparays like tobacco spratys keep away certain bugs and shittt. bout the best i cna think of at the moment...
  7. Dont use deer piss, dear nibble buds. chicken wire for the first 2 weeks then throw lots of moth bolls in a large circle surrounding your plot. the moths balls work very well, dont forget to bait for slugs also
  8. try using some kind of PREDATORY animal urine. cougar, wolf, coyote, i would think using deer urine would ATTRACT deer rather than repel them considering hunters use it to attract them.get like 5 or 10 plastic soda bottles and pack them with cotton balls. poke a shitoad of cigarette size holes all around the bottle and fill it with the urine. put the bottles near your plants. surround your plants with an invisible fence made of fishing line. the urine should work for almost all the animals, you can also soak corn cobs in vinegar and lay them all around your plants on the ground, rabbits go around sniffing everything, they hate vinegar. its all really up in the air man. trial and error. use what you think are the best methods.
  9. plant garlic near to your plants.
  10. Kinda sounds weird, but what if you took a dump near your garden.
  11. why would you use deer piss rofl, thats one of the animals that threatens your plant. Every time i check my plants that are in the woods i just pee around them and i dont seem to have any problems.
  12. :smoking:
    Yeah im not into attracting deer either,Iput out everything.mothballs,soap, repel.beer for slugs.A fence is a great idea if you can get away of it.and instead of predator urine use your own.also make a tea of garlic and hot pepper seeds and spray your plants down.No matter what though theres always a cocksucker raccoon thats gon try fuk ur shit up.:smoking:
  13. i have had success with 20-30 lb test fishing line...its cheap and deer [ our most prevalent nibbler ] freak out when they feel the line as they approach the girls.... two well stretched loops at two and three feet does the trick ...oh of course a little pee never hurts ive crushed up rock salt with mothballs to make a nice slug trap and it keeps most terra born pests at bay. the rock salt itself seem to last a few rain falls but combined with the mothballs ive seen the remanents long after the harvest.
  14. cheapest and most effective lots of bars of soap tied in the trees mint or wintergreen
  15. salt kills plant i wouldn't advise rocksalt
  16. this dude knows whats up.... mothballs and chicken wire. cant beat it.
  17. this is what i do:hello:
  18. 1. any low key fencing material
    2. fishing line ( really does work on deer )
    3. flare out pieces of tinfoil on stalks to keep from slugs climbing up!/ make an moat of salt on paper around the stalk.
    4. Natural pest repelent dust.


    all you need.
  19. the little 1 square centimeter sheets of cage you can get a home depot has worked the best for me. make a wood base and wrap this around tight so there's no holes. then put the wire sheets on top. the light gets through nicely but the rodents do not

    kinda hard to explain oh well

  20. Should post a picture :confused_2: I mean if possible that is. I'd be interested in seeing if the way I'm picturing it is the same as yours.

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