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Techniques/habits - how do you prepare your bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ladyh12386, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. When smoking from a bowl, for years I'd always grind up my bud. If I didn't have my grinder, I would use my fingers - though, I always imagined that I was losing good THC and kief by doing the latter.
    Now, when I had a roommate - she would always just put her bud in the bowl almost whole. No grinding it down at all. This really bothered me, and I felt like bud was being wasted because it didn't burn as well. She'd say I was wasting bud because my way made the bud burn too quickly.
    Not sure there is a "right way" or a "wrong way"… Just wondering what other peoples habits/techniques are. 

  2. I just get scissors and a shot glass, best method to me because it is so easy to control nug size, be it J, blunt, or bowl.
  3. I always grind it unless I just don't have my grinder.
  4. I either use my fingers or use a shot glass and scissors. I don't have a grinder but if I did I'd use it
  5. I always grind mine. I find that i have more burn control when i corner a hit. Also the kief is a plus.
  6. Always grind unless im smoking in public and I need the perfect size small nug instead of hassling with grindings. Never use my fingers, if I do I usually wash my hands/hand sanitizer so I can rub my fingers on my gumline with the kief on my fingers. Has no effect at all, but I like to do so anyway. I always use tweezers to transport the bud from the bag and the ground up bud to the bowl. I use my hands if I need to break up a huge nug which is always painful to my soul :cry: or to get the last little bit of herb out of the grinder
    If my sack is pungent as hell (usually a quarter sack man myself) I light an incense when opening it.
    I use a cut credit card as my kief scooper and a beard shaver cleaner thingy to clean my screen/push the shake together that's in the grinder
  7. If u put a nug into the bowl it wont burn evenly and you'll have good green in the middle of the blackened nug untouched sometimes. +, you get kief when you grind it. Theres no point in not breaking it down.
  8. I'm pretty sure the surface area for bowls is supposed to be leafy, yet fine, if you know what I mean,

    too fine and it all goes up in smoke immediately. it burns extremely fast in my opinion...
  9. I used to break it up with my fingers before i got my grinder. Now i just grind it up and i love getting kief at the end of a stash. I don't think you "waste" any weed with whatever method you choose as long as you don't let it burn in the bowl the smoke goes into your lungs either way.
    But it definitely burns slower with bigger chunks, which some people might like, but with ground up weed you can get to a green bowl faster, instead of just burning the same bowl for a long ass time

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  10. bong tokes - grind it and then use just enough to fill ones lungs. ensures a proper green hit every time.
    bowls - IF i have a grinder i grind it up. other wise i jam a bud in there and schmoke eet!
    papers / blunts - grind it up, more like a rough chop.
    chillum / one hitter - grind it, a bit finer then for a doobie. also i pack just enough for a single hit. i just love the first green hit...

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