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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by toastybiz, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Hey folks, I've been AWOL for a month now because of a problem I've been running in to. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem (though if so you may not be able to read this post!) and/or any suggestions how to fix it (though I may not be able to read your reply post!).

    A little over a month ago, one day I go to log on to GC and get a "webpage not found" type of message in my browser. This is on the same computer, same software, same browser, etc. as I had been using to log on th GC no problem up until then. I am able to access all other websites no problems. At first I thought the site was down as happens on rare occasion, but after a few days I wrote an e-mail to the GC admins and got an e-mail back that all was OK. I have tried continually over the past month to log on -- from both computers in my house -- without success, and yet I can still log on to any other website I want to.

    Then, last week someone I know had an operation and I went to sit in the hospital while she was in surgery. Since it was a long wait I brought my laptop computer. While there I found out they have wifi access in the hospital, so I was checking e-mail and stuff and then, on a lark, tried GC -- and got right on! Hmmm. the only thing different was the ISP. When I got home I tried to log on to GC and, again no access. Currently I am traveling for business so sitting in a hotel room (on yet another ISP) I tried to log on and am able to get in no problem.

    So it would seem that the common denominator with my access problems is my ISP (or some way that my ISP is interacting with my browser or my firewall or something). My ISP is Comcast BTW. I've never heard of an ISP having an issue with only one website.

    Has anyone run into this? Any ideas how to fix? I'd like to call my ISP to report the problem, but I am fairly certain they will want the web address of the site I've been having problems with and I am reluctant to share my interest in a MJ growing website.

    Any help is greatly appreciated (if I can get to an ISP that allows me to log on to read the answer!). Thanks in advance.
  2. Hashaman, thanks for this, but unfortunately it didn't work. Since returning home from my road trip I have been unable to access GC until just now when I typed in the URL just for grins and it worked, I don't know why. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can get in again tomorrow...

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