Technaflora feeding schedule?

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    Hey guys i have the Recipe For Success starter kit it has the whole line and the feeding chart is worded more for cloning then seedling my question is do i just follow the same schedule when im growing from seed? Like they use the term "Transplanting Stage" I assume this also means seedling stage? Im using 75/25 Coco perlite mix.
  2. I'm using technaflora too, but I'm growing in soil, so I started feeding at 1 month in veg (im on day 10 of flower, day 17ish of 12/12) since you are growing in coco, I suggest starting nutes soon at 1/3-1/2 the recipe (I know that lil' green spoon is a pain). then do the feed/water/water/feed. This is my 2nd grow with the same kit (one femeale each grow)
  3. Yeah man i was planning to start with the Root66 and Sugar Daddy as soon as they pop the soil then going to the veg feeding within a week at 1/4 stegnth... Iv'e had poeple say start feeding the first water and some say wait atleast 2 weeks in coco.
  4. For what it's worth, I've used the kit with hydro for a few grows. After almost a few weeks from seed with zero nutes, they get full strength right away, with great growth always soon to follow.

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