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Tech N9ne

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by kushmaster420, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. ya i know the song...but a lot of people do not even recognize his name as a rap artist ya know...cuz there are guns called tech nines...i bet plenty of people assumed it was the gun...i feel like a lot of people havent even heard of him at all
  2. People in the Bay Area know what's up. We've had tech n9ne shows in my town.
  3. I know what you mean. Almoast everyone where I live has never heard of him. I was playing slacker the other day when one of my friends started rapping the lyrics, I didnt even know he listened to him because I just never ask anymore.
  4. one of my all-time single favorite verses in hip-hop happens to be a Tech N9ne one, just for the humorous aspect he threw onto it:

    I might make her wanna swa-wing a Prada
    But once I get up on 'em I can do my thing, I gotta
    Hey batta batta batta batta, swa-ing a batta
    He cannot he cannot he cannot, swa-wing a batta

    also, Caribou Lou is an awesome song, and Crybaby too. The whole Absolute Power album is really good, and Sickology 101 was a pretty good album as well.

  5. Tech comes to Kansas City about 3 or 4 times a year, the shows are fuckin crazy.

  6. i mean im sure the people YOU know , know him...but as a whole he is extremely unheard of...i doubt everybody in the bay area knows him a lot man...i bet its just ur circle of friends...not a lot of people know him...but i think its pretty funny when i bring hi up in a coversation and people know who he is...and tech 9 plays all over the place...he has alos had shows in my area too man...doesnt mena everyone knows him

    but i bet people from kansas city and the area know him a shitload
  7. I wasn't trying to speak on behalf of the whole bay area, I was just saying that he plays shows here and is pretty well known. I'm sure a lot of people any where haven't heard of him.
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq87OfnHAuo]YouTube - Tech N9ne ft. Krayzie Bone & K-Dean "Midwest Choppers 2"[/ame]

    put on any song by tech 9 and put any cartoon on the TV (muted) and I swear the voices will match. I'ts the funniest thing in the world blazed :smoking:
  9. ... basically anyone who listens to rap in the bay area knows T9 :wave:
  10. Tech N9ne is my favorite rapper, he's the only person I have more then 60 songs of. Right now I have 158 songs by him and still getting more as I go on. I listen to him all day everyday I'm on one of the only people I know who likes his work(Most people are people that I introduced to his music).

    I don't know If I would be able to name a few good songs by him there are so many. I love the two Psycho Bitch songs because they help me out when ever I am having girl troubles. I have a few songs by him for whatever mood I am in.

    I converted my friend who hates rap with a passion into a Tech N9ne fan. What I did was had him listen to some of his funny songs about sex like "Sex Out South". Once he liked those songs I introduced him to other songs that were not as funny but still had some humor behind them. Eventully he started listening to Tech N9ne songs I didn't even show him.

    Deffinetly look into his older music but he's still making good music. The guys before me listed some good music so I'm not going to relist what they said. Some songs that I didn't see posted I'd like to say would be "Riot Maker", "Midwest Choppers(1 and 2)", "Freaky", "Slither", "The Beast" and many many more.
  11. I absolutely love the song "welcome to the midwest." I haven't listened to a lot of his discography, but from what my friend plays for me he is absolutely great. Dude has skills beyond most rappers.
  12. tech can really put on a show.... every concert i've been to of his has been INSANE:love:

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